Statsbot is moving beyond BI, giving the flexibility to view your data many different ways and drilling down to the very specific cause of the issue. It spreads data and data usage to more than just a handful of users. Every department can easily get insights out of any data source with just one tool.

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What is Statsbot?

Statsbot is helping you take control of your raw data, providing an all-in-one analysis tool for engineers and non-tech folks alike.

Statsbot’s simple dashboards, seamless Slack integration, and premier customer service are helping teams everywhere get more out of their data. We’re experts in data analytics: we’re sharing not only a powerful tool but our industry expertise. Our platform is used by growing companies like Giphy to glean insights from billions of data points.

Statsbot's key features for business users:

- Insights. Business users can explore data on their own without the need to send requests to data analysts. Now everyone at your company can build complex reports, drill down to every record, and slice and dice data however they want.

- Dashboards. Statsbot’s dashboards are always up to date, no need to load new data exports or wait hours before it loads. We use background caching to make your dashboards load extremely fast.

- Smart Alerts. Statsbot can send you automated reports and smart alerts about spikes in certain metrics. For example, when a number of users suddenly goes up or down.
You’ll never miss when something goes wrong (or really right) and can take immediate action.

- Schedule reports to check metrics on a regular basis. It’s great to have real time metrics every morning, especially for non-technical people.

- Share metrics fast and easy. You can share your data insights with the whole team, partners or investors right in a work chat, such as Slack or Hangouts. No matter which device.

The benefits for data analysts:

- Bring all data into one place. Statsbot works with terabytes of raw data from hundreds of data sources. You don’t need to optimize or transform data beforehand.

-Transformation engine. Define your transformations using SQL and Javascript. No need to learn proprietary languages or navigate complex interfaces.

- Statsbot is designed to work with Big Data. Data storage is cheap, but querying data is expensive. Statsbot makes your queries cost effective using a pre-aggregations layer on top of your data.

- No ad hoc SQL. No need to write ad hoc SQL queries for every business request. Create a single source of truth across the organization and let your business users explore data themselves.

Statsbot Details Provided by: Artyom K.

Statsbot Details Provided by: Artyom Keydunov

Co-Founder & CEO at Statsbot
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