Marc D.
    Marc D.
    I believe that the coming decade will be shaped by intelligent robots and AI. Energy Robotics will be at the forefront of this disruption. Come and join me!

    Spryker - Faster wins the digitalisation

    "Due to the modular architecture, Spryker allows a fast start in dismantling legacy ecommerce solution and integration in existing IT landscapes. The clean headless approach and the modular backend is key for a fast, smooth and inexpensive for integration in existing IT landscapes, since adapting to business needs is key for success."

    Jens B.

    Full customizable e-Commerce Platform that allowed us to be fast to market

    "Spryker doesn't start with the pure product offer, but first wants to understand our business, needs and expectations. This enabled us to form a good set up for the creation and realisation of the offer even bofire the start. Very fast realisation of the project after the start of first quote. Platform was launched within 3 weeks developement. Spyker's agile corporate culture fits well woth our..."

    Felix G.

    Good code architecture that enables scalable e-commerce solutions

    "The software architecture of Spryker enables good performance that comes along with good scalability and customization. Speaking as a developer, it's fun to work with!"

    Dennis B.
    Dennis B.
    Operations Delivery Manager bei Websmart

    Spryker from the perspective of a Solution Architect

    "Consistent architecture eases the engineering and development process greatly."

    Laurynas V.
    Laurynas V.
    Senior Software Engineer at NFQ Technologies

    A powerful yet complex tool for highly scalable and expandable ecommerce solutions

    "I like Spryker's out-of-the-box orientation to quality and scalability. It is easy to switch from one project to another using Spryker because the code structure is the same and the concepts are well enforced. Spryker has a large number of available modules to choose from which helps in implementing features faster. Spryker's Glue layer is a feature that may help to implement more exotic..."