Richard B.
    Richard B.
    Customer Success Operations Analyst

    SnapLogic is great!

    "I really like SnapLogic a lot. It is something I use everyday, whether that includes me logging into my SnapLogic account and making new pipelines, or viewing dating or uploading data on the backend from pipelines I have made. It saves a lot of time doing tasks. For someone like me that doesn't have a programming background, I am still able to use this to automate a lot of my processes that I..."

    Luis Z.

    Easy to use robust integration platform that gets things done

    "Preview! Easiest way to debug and test the entire pipeline. Just realized that we can change the amount of records to preview in the settings. Also the account validations: with one click of button I know my account is working."

    User in Computer Software

    snaplogic .. your saviour

    "1. very dependable 2. highly scalable 3. very good support from snaplogic 4. very fast 5. API integration is very smooth with minimum changes from source product."

    Administrator in Architecture & Planning

    Excellent tool

    "Data transformation techniques in SnapLogic makes the extract, transform, and load process more feasible "

    Kalyan Varma N.

    Finish Your works In a Snap

    "Best Thing about snaplogic is the user friendly UI and feasibility having customized snap as per my requirement.I can have my own plexes and my own snapacks which might not be affected by any platform snaplogic updates.And also the ease of validating and running any pipelines ."

    User in Computer Software

    Simple, clean, intuitive. A tool for technical and non-technical users alike.

    "It is clean and simple. You can have an ETL set up quickly, even without technical expertise. Just drag and drop the necessary snaps for your pipeline, and configure the snaps."

    Nagababu G.

    Iaas tool for your Practical Problems

    "It is easier to create new pipelines and version control in snaplogic than with any other ipaas tool.Also your code stays safe in cloud which adds the advantage to it."

    rama Krishna N.

    Snaplogic - Boon for Iaas Tool

    "External connectivity,complex pipelines made simpler,connecting different external sources at a single destination,having own scripting languages,ability to design own snaps which are not provided,supports multiple file formats and directories."

    Shashi G.
    Shashi G.
    Tech Lead at Adobe

    Easy to learn and implement. Single platform for batch as well as real time integration

    "connecting to any traditional db or modern nosql db for any kind of ETL process has been so easy with snaplogic for developers. Have been using snaplogic for Rest API development as well as implemented message queue based architecture without any fuss. Platform is scalable. Provides iPaas features."

    Administrator in Utilities

    experienced with snaplogic for 4 years

    "easy of use, web based interface, good user communities"

    User in Information Technology and Services

    Fast and reliable integration tool

    "Snaplogic is very reliable for its services. It also improves performance by by providing additional tools like ultra task. It caches the data to improve response time. Customer support from snaplogic team is very good as well. "