Elisa R.
    Elisa R.
    Attorney at Law


    "Smokeball is user friendly and when I have a question, support is a phone call away."

    Delmy P.
    Delmy P.

    Our firm could not run without Smokeball

    "Webinars teach new features that have been rolled out so that I know how to correctly use the new feature and ask live questions."

    Roberto C. L.
    Roberto C. L.
    Office Manager at The Shiller Preyar Law Offices

    Smokeball is taking our practice to the next level.

    "Smokeball has a very intuitive interface with an easy to use search tool which keeps our firm information at the tip of our fingers. Smokeball has been an awesome cloud storage file system that is easy to use and customize. The forms are also a huge plus and finally the Leads have added a new dimesion to our practice. Thank you"

    Kimberly M.
    Kimberly M.
    Paralegal at Joerg Seifert Law Offices P.C.

    Streamline day to day business functionality

    "Everything is essentially in one place and categorized by matter. The integration between Outlook, Word and Smokeball is essential to keeping it all together. "

    Tanya L.
    Tanya L.
    Legal Assistant/Office Administrator

    Case Management at Your Fingertips

    "What I like most about Smokeball is that it organizes all case-related information in one place. All information regarding Billing, Court, Correspondence is easily found within the Smokeball matter. The integration with eFiling is easy to use and the fact that the filed documents and the costs involved go straight into the matter makes it so nothing gets lost or forgotten. Tracking time..."

    Michael J. M.
    Michael J. M.
    Attorney At Law at Piercey & Associates, Ltd.

    Smokeball Rules!

    "The seemless integration with MS Office and the efficiencies it creates."

    Peter K.
    Peter K.
    Experienced Real Estate, Business, and Litigation Attorney Serving Westchester, Rockland and Dutchess Counties, New York

    Don't know How Any Small Firm lives Without Smokeball

    "I truly don't know how any small firm practices without Smokeball. They automate forms, respond to support questions, and truly help the small firm practitioner with everyday administration of all functions. I purchased Smokeball for the email tacking capabilities, but pay for because I capture ever minute of my time on a time. Just one hour covers the monthly cost. I can barely return..."

    Mitch G.
    Mitch G.
    Owner at Law Office of Mitchell A. Greenberg, LLC

    It's better than I realized

    "Easy to use, versatile and the customer service is incredible"

    Heidi M.

    Unbeatable Customer Service

    "I like how well it manages my case load and the customer service team is absolutely unbelievable. They are extremely timely and always take care of any questions or special requests."

    Catharine R.

    Robust Tool with Excellent Features and Support

    "Smokeball helps us manage our cases from start to finish. The ability to easily tag emails, the use of standard templates and forms and the billing function help us manage our cases easily and effectively. We get excellent support from our Client Success team especially Alyson and Sara on the training team is also awesome. I love the billing reports and find them very useful in working with..."

    Josie K.
    Student at University of Arkansas at Little Rock

    The Absolute Best Program for File Organization in Law Offices

    "Everything about Smokeball is truly a dream. The interface not only gives you a way to easily organize clients files but it also provides a system to tag the files as various types of cases. Within the system you can create separate files for each type of document that will be held ex. pleadings, correspondence, etc. One of the best parts of Smokeball is the automation that you can input to..."

    Christopher W.

    Smokeball is ideal for a small law fimr

    "I like the links between Smokeball and Outlook to save emails and the ability to add contact information at one time and retain that information. The ability to generate letters is ideal as well."

    Jim P.


    "Account Management and Customer Support. Smokeball's account management and customer support are second to none. From the beginning they have been there to make sure the transition went smoothly and that things continue to go smoothly. Whenever I have a question or a problem they are there to help, even if it turns out the problem is with my hardware, not their software. No question is too..."

    Matthew L.
    Matthew L.
    Attorney at Law Office of Matthew A. Lathrop

    A very satisfied P.I. (small) firm.

    "I had two goals when shopping for my next case management system. I needed portability. I also wanted simplicity. I got both with Smokeball. Wherever I go: court, depositions; out of town; the conference room; my entire file drawer is there with me. At my desk, or on the road with my laptop, I am able to access not just "some" of the file. I have ALL of it: documents; file data; emails;..."

    David W.

    Great Product/ Great Service and the best way to provide the level of care your clients deserve

    "Work Flows with the ability to attach specific templates. I also love the integration with Word, Outlook, etc. which allows me to file drafts and emails even with attachments. "

    Angie S.

    Great Case Management System!

    "The IT support at Smokeball is outstanding! They're so nice and can fix truly anything. Smokeball helps us stay super organized and be as paper-free as possible."

    Erica B.
    Erica B.
    Legal Assistant at RIO RANCHO LAW OFFICES, P.C.

    Great Change

    "Being able to call support and they'll fix anything right there while you're on the phone or if they can't they will put a ticket in to get it fixed ASAP."

    Sarah F.

    Smokeball Saved Me So Many Office Issues

    "Smokeball has document automation built in to their system. This makes document preparation so smooth. The database tracks a huge variety of information. All information is stored to the Smokeball cloud, so no information is stored on your local computer. The calendar is very helpful and can be assigned to different clients, so the system makes it a lot easier to track when the last time we..."

    Kelly F.
    Legal Assistant & Accounting Manager at Testa Law Firm, P.C.

    Smokeball - GET IT!

    "Forms and letters are custom-tailored to our needs and they generate with the pertinent information and save hours of time spent typing."

    David S.

    Smokeball has made my work life a breeze!

    "I like that it integrates with microsoft products and the level of customer service."