SlideDog is the new way of showing presentation files. It lets you seamlessly switch between PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF, web pages and other media without hassle.

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What is SlideDog?

With SlideDog you can blend PowerPoints, PDFs, websites, Prezis, videos and more together without having to stop the flow of your speech to bring up the next item on the screen. You simply drag and drop the various files and media into SlideDog to create a seamless presentation playlist.

It's perfect for people who use multiple forms of media in their presentations and also an especially great tool when you have multiple presenters at an event. You simply place all the material into SlideDog and everyone’s presentations are all in one place, ready to go with no interruptions.
SlideDog also has its own companion app for iOS and Android. It allows presenters to remote control SlideDog from their phones while the audience can use the same app to view a live stream of the slides and answer polls and interact with the presenter.

SlideDog is a Windows application available in a Free and a Pro version.

Here’s a short video explaining SlideDog :

SlideDog Details Provided by: Dag Hendrik L.

SlideDog Details Provided by: Dag Hendrik Lerdal

CEO, SlideDog
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