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Silktide Prospect is a platform for efficiently selling digital services, such as websites, local directories, online advertising and SEO.

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What is Silktide Prospect?

Silktide Prospect is a platform for efficiently selling digital services, such as websites, local directories, online advertising and SEO.

Selling these services at scale can be a real challenge. Reps must invest time manually researching their prospects, or combine a mixture of tools to understand them properly.

Silktide Prospect automates all your research into a single optimised platform, that you can choose to integrate directly into your CRM. Silktide Prospect creates high quality, branded reports, presentations and proposals to help your team pitch more clients, more effectively.

But that’s just the start. Silktide Prospect can help you generate leads with a unique inbound marketing solution, and augment your existing contact lists with sophisticated business intelligence.

Why Silktide Prospect?

There’s never been more information available on the Internet about your sales prospects. Silktide Prospect empowers your sales team to take full advantage of it.

In a minute or less, your reps can research a new prospect and generate high quality reports, presentations and proposals about their digital presence. They save time and are better prepared. That means your reps can engage with more prospects in less time, and do a better job of converting each one.

Silktide Prospect helps you manage and track your leads. For example, if you email a prospect, you can be notified when they read your proposal. If you use a CRM system like Salesforce, Silktide Prospect can integrate directly into it.

Running on the cloud, Silktide Prospect requires nothing to install and runs on almost any device with an internet connection, including mobile phones. A sales team can be brought onboard within days.

We’ve designed Silktide Prospect to offer a consumer-grade user experience with enterprise-grade architecture. This means software that’s so easy to use you don’t need a manual. Where guidance is required (say, to explain a particular technical issue with a business) we explain it inside the tool, at that particular point, in plain-spoken language.

If you’d like to learn more about Silktide Prospect and arrange a free demonstration, get in touch.

Silktide Prospect Details Provided by: Wesley A.

Silktide Prospect Details Provided by: Wesley Archer

Enterprise Implementation Manager at Silktide
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