Administrator in Insurance

    Great experience

    "All employees exemplify the customer service skills the platform provides training for. They are helpful and proactive, I receive constant touch base and assistance setting up new profiles and courses for my group."

    Lori H.

    Best Customer Service based training offered for an ongoing experience

    "The resources and tools provided by SS assisted in implementing the program flawlessly."

    Administrator in Information Services

    New Platform Provides Great Flexibility

    "Improved reporting, additional flexibility with training and enhanced training methods"

    Administrator in Packaging and Containers

    Great for team development

    "Service Skills helped my team build a foundation for Customer Service. It is great for new or inexperienced reps to build their skills and get started in a customer-facing role."

    April T.

    Service Skills - excellent quality and content!

    "Service Skills has excellent quality and content in their eLearnings. The format and style is extremely easy to follow and take in new information. Their quizzes are well-written and the techniques demonstrated in each course are extremely valuable, along with being cross-functional as well. Not only does Service Skills have very high quality content and videos, but they also provide..."

    Anita B.
    Customer Experience Learning Specialist at Clopay Corporation

    Customer Experience Learning Specialist

    "Our partnership with ServiceSkills has allowed us an opportunity to improve soft skills within our organization and offer better customer experiences! The ability for remote learning has been invaluable during the corona virus pandemic as well."

    Tim N.

    Very positive feedback from my employees. . . .

    "I received the following outstanding comments from my employees who participated in ServiceSkills on-line training: Of all the online training I’ve done for any job I’ve had this training was the easiest to go through while still successfully imparting the knowledge I needed to learn. Even though it felt like I went through the training quickly, the ideas discussed in the video stuck with me..."

    Tammy S.

    Customer Service - The most important block of any organizations foundation!

    "Every interaction (business or personal) is better when you apply the customer service techniques presented in the Telephone Doctor series! The mods are relevant regardless of your age or experience. They provide a wonderful base of knowledge and allow everyone who takes them to walk away learning something new!!"

    Natacia V.

    ServiceSkills Online Learning

    "I loved the different scenarios they provided for each training. Watching how the different scenarios played out made the trainings more valuable and gave a much more understanding of how and why we should provide service a certain way. The trainings also pointed out the "not so obvious" bad habits my team and I had and provided ways on how we can change those habits. Ronnie Titus, our..."

    Jeff P.
    Jeff P.
    Chairman 2019-2020 at Collision Industry Conference

    We use the online Service Skills courses within our own LMS and our students love them .

    "The videos are very relevant to the topic and support the lesson being taught."

    Nikita  H.
    Nikita H.
    Customer Care Center Manager

    Sales and Customer Service Training

    "The e-Learning courses from Service Skills are top notch. I manage a Contact Center and have used the videos as part of training curriculum. I also have my team utilize the videos for coaching and continuing education. I really enjoy the fact that new content/series are added intermittently. It keeps the information fresh and relevant."

    Gary J.
    Gary J.
    Chief of Police - Pullman, WA

    Relevant customer service training that puts us in control.

    "Our employees are assigned videos to view on a regular schedule. Employees have the ability to select when they view the assigned videos based on their own work schedule and during non-critical times. The videos are not too long so it doesn't take up a lot of time and employees are not inhibited from viewing them. Very large variety of topics available, and all are easily transferable and..."

    Chip H.

    The Best Customer Service Training

    "The eLearning courses from ServiceSkills are the very best training available for improving Customer Service. I have seen very good training over the years but nothing comes close to the quality of the content our company now enjoys from ServiceSkills. Nancy knows this business and she helps everyone discover "the secrets"."

    Adam K.
    Adam K.
    Culture-focused leader · CX Fanatic · Educator · Life-long learner · Vocalist

    ServiceSkills/TelephoneDoctor trained me - now it trains my team

    "Service Skills/Telephone Doctor is the best program I know of to train service agents to create positive, authentic, human experiences for customers. Nancy Friedman's "Telephone Doctor" content is the gold standard in how to communicate professionally by phone. I know Fortune500 companies with thriving Service Departments who use this content, and my small team of 40 are passionate users -..."

    Jody Lynn S.
    Jody Lynn S.
    Customer Experience Consultant

    Acclaimed Structured Training Program

    "A structure program that is grounded in basic customer service soft skills. Often veteran agents need a refresher course to help them emphasize the positives and eliminate some of the old baggage they have acquired over time. Nancy Friedman is extra icing on the cake as many of us remember her as the providing some of the basic fundamentals for Customer Service."

    Zac C.
    Zac C.
    Commercial Analyst at Alpha Packaging

    Great All Around Service Training

    "ServiceSkills has proven to be an extremely user-friendly platform that covers a wide variety of topics. From an admin perspective, course setup and catalog creation are a breeze. From a user perspective, the courses are simple to navigate and the user manual provided by ServiceSkills helps answer any questions that may come up. We implemented the first learning path just under a year ago and..."

    Lori D.
    Lori D.
    Manager, Training & Compliance - Crowley Maritime

    Excellent SoftSkills Training

    "We implemented the modules a year ago to provide softskills training for a learner base of 200 employees. We deployed the modules via our internal LMS and were able to provide training for our employees during the work day in small chunks without having to attend an all day off-site seminar or workshop. Everyone in the organization was talking the same language and putting..."

    Consultant in Hospital & Health Care

    Great content & the best support!

    "I like that the content is relevant to our business. I also like that Ronnie Titus is like a service ninja and answers me within minutes of an email! "

    Shirin M.
    Shirin M.
    Director, Corporate Contracts & Customer Care

    ServiceSkills has worked WONDERS in our organization!

    "I like how I can assign courses to my Customer Service team based on individual need. My ServiceSkills manager, Ronnie Titus, is AWESOME and is always available to lend support when needed."

    Benjamin J.
    Benjamin J.
    Director of Operations at Casablanca Express

    Service Skills elevates any team to the next level

    "Service Skills online training is short and fun to follow. I make every employee do service skills at point of hire and annually for a refresher. I love the emails I get from service skills with 2-3 minute refresher courses in them and they make a great "Focus Friday" topic to talk about at our meetings. Service Skills staff is beyond friendly. We can send an email to the staff and they will..."