<span>Adam K.</span>
    Adam K.
    Culture-focused leader · CX Fanatic · Educator · Life-long learner · Vocalist

    ServiceSkills/TelephoneDoctor trained me - now it trains my team

    "Service Skills/Telephone Doctor is the best program I know of to train service agents to create positive, authentic, human experiences for customers. Nancy Friedman's "Telephone Doctor" content is the gold standard in how to communicate professionally by phone. I know Fortune500 companies with thriving Service Departments who use this content, and my small team of 40 are passionate users -..."

    <span>Jody Lynn S.</span>
    Jody Lynn S.
    Customer Experience Consultant

    Acclaimed Structured Training Program

    "A structure program that is grounded in basic customer service soft skills. Often veteran agents need a refresher course to help them emphasize the positives and eliminate some of the old baggage they have acquired over time. Nancy Friedman is extra icing on the cake as many of us remember her as the providing some of the basic fundamentals for Customer Service."

    <span>Zac C.</span>
    Zac C.
    Commercial Analyst at Alpha Packaging

    Great All Around Service Training

    "ServiceSkills has proven to be an extremely user-friendly platform that covers a wide variety of topics. From an admin perspective, course setup and catalog creation are a breeze. From a user perspective, the courses are simple to navigate and the user manual provided by ServiceSkills helps answer any questions that may come up. We implemented the first learning path just under a year ago and..."

    <span>Lori D.</span>
    Lori D.
    Manager, Training & Compliance - Crowley Maritime

    Excellent SoftSkills Training

    "We implemented the Serviceskills.com modules a year ago to provide softskills training for a learner base of 200 employees. We deployed the modules via our internal LMS and were able to provide training for our employees during the work day in small chunks without having to attend an all day off-site seminar or workshop. Everyone in the organization was talking the same language and putting..."

    <span>James P.</span>
    James P.
    Manager, Customer Service, Patient Financial Services at Lancaster General Health

    ServiceSkills rocks!

    "The modules. They are real situations that occur in call centers and in the workplace. They aren't overdone in terms of being dramatic or unrealistic."

    User in Hospital & Health Care
    User in Hospital & Health Care

    Gets the Job done!

    "It’s simplistic. You long on and you are off and running. The courses are easy to follow and they serve as great surface level introduction to the life of a customer service rep. "

    Consultant in Information Technology and Services
    Consultant in Information Technology and Services

    Great content & the best support!

    "I like that the content is relevant to our business. I also like that Ronnie Titus is like a service ninja and answers me within minutes of an email! "

    <span>Dave U.</span>
    Dave U.

    Effective and fun customer service learning tool

    "The courses are relevant and fun to go through. The concepts are short and to the point. The humor makes it fun to learn."


    Great Customer Support!

    "Ease of assignments and the length of them are just perfect for our team to do the courses assigned each month in plenty of time "

    <span>Jeff F.</span>
    Jeff F.

    ServiceSkills helps make our customer service best in class

    "One of the things I love about the ServiceSkills courses is the diversity of the curriculum. There are interactive courses, videos, and simulations, so our employees are exposed to a variety of styles. Plus, the training is broken down into small modules, which makes it easier for employees to use."


    Its all right here!

    "I love the variety of courses and scenarios covered. Service skills really understands the challenges of the workplace."


    A great Customer Service Training tool.

    "That it is so helpful and enlightening for New as well as "seasoned" CSR's."

    <span>Brian C.</span>
    Brian C.

    Found Everywhere, Always useful

    "Covers the basics of phone etiquette Reinforces expected behavior Equips consultants for hard situations they are guaranteed to encounter."

    <span>Shirin M.</span>
    Shirin M.
    Director, Corporate Contracts & Customer Care

    ServiceSkills has worked WONDERS in our organization!

    "I like how I can assign courses to my Customer Service team based on individual need. My ServiceSkills manager, Ronnie Titus, is AWESOME and is always available to lend support when needed."

    <span>Sandi W.</span>
    Sandi W.
    Front Desk Supervisor Augusta National Golf Club

    Very convenient and effective training programs.

    "The convenience of logging on at anytime and working on the modules. The information is so appropriate to the expectations we have of our staff members and they can quickly apply the skills."

    <span>James J.</span>
    James J.
    Coaching, consulting, and leadership development. Humanizing culture. Orbiting the giant hairball.

    Great Out-of-the-Box Training Solution!

    "Vast selection of training modules, curricula, and skillsets. We're able to set up curricula for specific topics, such as phone-based customer service, performance reviews, coaching, etc. Or we can set up competencies-based curricula by mixing and matching courses from different ServiceSkills program.s"

    <span>Keith F.</span>
    Keith F.
    Director of Leadership Development and Training at Regis Corporation

    Excellent for on demand learning!

    "We love the "What to say when" modules with their quick video examples. They are relevant, helpful, and easy for leaders to apply to their teams in day to day situations. "

    <span>Benjamin J.</span>
    Benjamin J.
    Director of Operations at Casablanca Express

    Service Skills elevates any team to the next level

    "Service Skills online training is short and fun to follow. I make every employee do service skills at point of hire and annually for a refresher. I love the emails I get from service skills with 2-3 minute refresher courses in them and they make a great "Focus Friday" topic to talk about at our meetings. Service Skills staff is beyond friendly. We can send an email to the staff and they will..."

    <span>Gregory T.</span>
    Gregory T.
    Project Manager/Supply Chain Operations Professional in Transition

    ServiceSkills - Online Learning Made Affordable and Convenient

    "All the tools to track and evaluate employee training are here. A one-stop shop for verification as well as tools to ensure training is being put to use. Being able to assign courses so I can specifically target deficiencies is a great bonus!"

    <span>Tanya C.</span>
    Tanya C.
    Customer Service Center Manager at Gate City Bank

    Positive reinforcement training for call center reps.

    "Teaching agents how to handle tough customer service issues by providing the best resources to turn a bad call to a Great call! Easy for agents to use, one agent said to me "If I have a challenging call I like to go watch a service skill to calm me down" they use videos to start their day as well! Easy to use the administer the product for training. Education that provides service based..."