ScreenSteps helps teams create better help documentation by either creating a new online knowledge base or improving the knowledge base they are already using.

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What is ScreenSteps?

Use ScreenSteps when you want to replace Word, SharePoint, and Dropbox, to manage IT training documentation.

As companies move to the cloud, IT departments need to provide training documentation that is easily accessible and simple to read. Libraries that organize Word docs aren't searchable. And if users can't find helpful documentation when they have questions, your new system won't be used the way it was designed (and you'll get a lot of phone calls and emails asking for help).

Customers who use ScreenSteps see a drop in support calls/emails because users are able to help themselves while learning the new technology.

ScreenSteps is an online knowledge base that your end users can search via keywords (like Google), or browse by category. It replaces internal SharePoint libraries and Dropbox folders (which aren't searchable).

A great solution if you want to consolidate IT training docs that are scattered all over the office. With ScreenSteps, your users will go to one online portal to find answers to their IT related questions. And instead of downloading a PDF or Word doc, they will view your IT training docs in a professional looking web page.

Implementing ScreenSteps is also very straightforward--it only takes a few hours to set up (not weeks or months). The user knowledge base is Mobile friendly, and all of your content can also be exported to PDF manuals.

ScreenSteps comes with a desktop word processor for authoring visual training aids, and replaces authoring tools like Word, Paint, PowerPoint, and InDesign. The word processor is specifically designed for inserting and editing several screenshots into your IT training documentation.

Because it's so easy to author in, you can get more people to contribute to your knowledge base in a lot less time.

If you just invested hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions of dollars) on a new CRM, Financial system, or a custom app, make sure you have training docs to help users learn how it works. With ScreenSteps, you will give them professional looking documentation that's easy to find and simple to use.

ScreenSteps Details Provided by: Greg D.

ScreenSteps Details Provided by: Greg DeVore

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