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Monitor, analyze, and improve data integrity with SAP Information Steward software. Combine data profiling and metadata management tools for continuous insight into the quality of enterprise information to optimize processes, and enhance operational, analytical, and data governance initiatives.

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SAP Information Steward Profile Details

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1-3 of 3 total SAP Information Steward reviews

SAP Information Steward Reviews

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1-3 of 3 total SAP Information Steward reviews
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"Data profiling tool "

What do you like best?

SAP Information Steward is a very usefull data profiling tool, its main features I like are:

1. Very usefull during data migration project

2. Very useful before implementing Data quality and data governance strategies.

3. Well integrated with SAP BODS (Data Quality Management and Integration Tool)

4. Business user friendly, any non technical person can also use it for basic process.

What do you dislike?

1. It doesnot allow any transformation in its rule, though we have a work arround like creating views or using SAP BODS but thats an add on steps.

2. I cannot re-use existing rules in another project, I have to rename them to use it again.

3. Cost estimation should have some help regarding market trends most clients have no clue and its almost in my experience is never used.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

This is mainly a profiling tool dont expect too much from it, once you have insight on the pain points I would recomend to use SAP BODS to implement improvements. You can always re run SAP IS task to check current status of data quality.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Mostly during data migration project to profile for data quality before merger. Recently I have also used it for making Data Governance strategies.

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"Implementation for client"

What do you like best?

The implementation of rules (advance editor button). Simple to validate data and set up data quality controls. It's nice that metadata can be extracted from multiple systems. Scorecards make an easy way to view your data and the quality of your data.

What do you dislike?

sometimes errors don't explicitly explain well. If data administrator approves a rule, there is no going back to edit it for corrections or updates. SAP Information Steward is a fairly new software so help from SAP sometimes is lacking and some of their IT guys don't know how to solve/ fix errors.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

It takes time to get the hang and get use to this software, but once you do it is pretty simple. Don't count on many SAP IT people to know how to help you with your errors; they are useless in the SAP Information Systems department.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Data governance.

Easy to track and analyze by using the scorecards

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"Big brand you trust"

What do you like best?

SAP is a reliable company that offers the benefits of a large scale company. Their internal controls are great so you are comfortable with the results and products you receive.

What do you dislike?

The disadvantage of choosing a large scale provider is it is more difficult to customize insights and modules.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

The real time data interaction is helpful in monitoring and analyzing the integrity of data.

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