<span>Charles E.</span>
    Charles E.
    President at Lighthouse Social Marketing LLC, a trusted source for social media management

    Great product that lets you manage your sales processes on multiple levels.

    "I like you can track every stage of the sales process. Also, the ability to manage your accounts in the field easily with your IPhone and not have to wait to update your sales information at the end of the day in the office."

    <span>Johan L.</span>
    Johan L.

    The best mobile CRM so far

    "Salesbox is truly built for a mobile workforce. In our small sales organization, we spend most of the working day outside the office. Being able to keep track on all business opportunities, create campaigns and get an accurate forecast are great features. "

    <span>Johny P.</span>
    Johny P.
    Chief Executive Officer at Panyavong Asset Management

    Amazing Amazing Amazing

    "Ease of use management tools for directing the team, Integration for all applications you can think of. Very professional team building tools also. Booking appointments directly in the system that will send right to your phone or your team. Pipeline systems to followup and reminder systems. There are so many useable tools that it will not even fit this review."