(7) is a business execution software company that helps small business businesses transform and execute their strategy.

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What is is the only system that closes the gap between strategy and execution.

"Business Management Software" barely scratches the surface of what it does. becomes the center of your corporate culture and daily workflow. Your RESULTS coach will help you establish a hierarchy of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs; projects) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs; metrics) connecting strategic objectives to measurable activity. These goals will become integral to every interface in the environment.

Chat (replacing Slack) takes place in the context of both individual and company goals. So do well-structured Meetings, which take place in a full-featured interface that captures everyone's ideas, lets you track progress in real-time, and enables careful decision-making. For your one-on-one's, pull precisely the data you need from Salesforce and a plethora of other applications, neatly related into KPIs that your employee can completely control.

Executives can put their hand on the pulse of their business to direct strategic progress. And they can easily create exactly the trend lines that matter most to their Board. All while employees are put in a position to own their company's success. The overall impact is profound – ask any client – and the interface must be seen to be believed. Details Provided by: Kristina O. Details Provided by: Kristina Oh

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Description are The Business Execution Experts. Business Execution Software is a simple, easy-to-use solution to help you achieve better business results - guaranteed !
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