<span>Oscar A.</span>
    Oscar A.
    IT Manager & Developer (Back and Front-End)

    The right tools, the right price

    "I work from home, as many of you do. It seemes like companies have systematically decided to ignore this reality and they try to push remote control systems with a bunch of useless features and put a super expensive price tag. VNC connect does not do this, it gives you a fair price with the tools you need to work from home without so much clutter. I love how logical the UI is, that I can..."

    <span>Lewis H.</span>
    Lewis H.
    Media/ Technical Operations Manager at Edit 123

    Great value and quality remote platform

    "The user interface is great, really useful to see all your connected computers in one place rather than behind meaningless numbers. The price point is incredible too, love it."

    Administrator in Higher Education
    Administrator in Higher Education

    The Swiss Army Knife of Remote Access

    "I've used RealVNC for years. It's always worked for me really well. I especially like that it's cross-platform. I use Windows, Mac a Linux, so it's nice to be able to move among the three easily. Setup is easy and performance is crisp. Oh, and the price is right!"

    <span>Jamie W.</span>
    Jamie W.

    Glitch free remote access

    "There are several things that are very good about this software. 1) It works as if you were actually on the computer, meaning it doesn't use a RDP connection. If you have specialty software that won't function using RDP (due to licensing), this is your best option. 2) Others can connect to the same system at the same time. It doesn't kick the first remote user off. This can be used for..."

    <span>Cliff M.</span>
    Cliff M.
    Control Engineer at SONI

    Does exactly what we need to work remotely.

    "RealVNC allows us to give as many users as we need need access our office computers remotely. It is a great product and for us is well ahead of the competition both on features and price. Support from RealVNC is second to none with helpful knowledgeable sales and support staff. Remote access and file transfer allows us to facilitate volunteers to work from home."