Kristen C.
    Kristen C.
    Efficient, self motivated Senior Graphic Designer

    I'm a Quark XPress lifer!

    "The ease of setting and manipulating type/text. I work in a text heavy industry and being able to set text quickly and without struggle is critical. This is one of the biggest edges I think Quark still has on InDesign."

    Dan W.

    Quark is my go to software for page layout

    "I like how easy it is to use Quark, it is the first program I learned to use approximately in 1991 and even though I have InDesign I am more comfortable with Quark."

    Rick L.
    Rick L.

    My Essential Design and Layout Tool I Use Every Day

    "I've been using Quark Xpress for over 20 years, since before its major competitors existed. It does everything I need it to do, has rich features for implementing and adding non-destructive filters to images, saving me a step of going to a photo editing tool. It can export web an email-ready images and PDFs which are perfect for offset printing. I keep discovering advanced features in it (even..."

    Calendar C.
    Calendar C.

    Always the best desktop publishing software.

    "I love that essentially, this program has remained the same for 26 years that I have been using it. The tools work well and I go do layups quickly and precisely."

    Stephen W.

    QuarkXPress HTML5 Leading-Edge Interactivity

    "QuarkXPress, versions from 2016 onward that I have been using, have already been on the leading-edge of digital publishing innovation, recently including Flex layouts and progressive web app capability. But, the latest release QXP 2020 16.1.2 has gone beyond this by adding an exceptional, new HTML5 custom interactivity feature. As an eLearning content developer and creator of interactive web..."