Administrator in Education Management

    User Friendly + Intuitive

    "Variety of modules to customize pages in development and the ease of image library organization. Working within a CMS system was a new learning for myself. Once I became more familiar, I realized how user friendly Sitefinity is and allowed for greater understanding of its flexibility and capabilities overall."

    Administrator in Higher Education

    One of the best web content management systems I've ever worked with.

    "It is very user-friendly and easy to train our 150 web users to use the content management system."

    Administrator in Higher Education

    Progress Sitefinity - affordable and flexible

    "The platform is very easy to use and is regularly updated with bug fixes and new/improved features. User permissions are highly granular, meaning we can easily train our content editors to use the platform with introducing risk to more critical areas such as configuration settings. There is out of the box support for a variety of different content types, and these are further customisable to..."

    Administrator in Higher Education

    Flexibilty to suit any need. Also re-usability if you program your custom items correctly.

    "The part I like the most about Sitefinity is the ability to make it my own. Almost everything can be customized to meet business requirements. From graphics and templates to widgets and form submissions. There is a consistent look and feel that is unique to us while correct information appears only where it is expected."