Vivek G.
    Vivek G.
    Head of Cross Category Function

    Best Price Management Tool

    "1. Clearly defined modules 2. Support to get things done 3. Customer interaction with Top Management"

    Administrator in Wholesale

    Smart Project - big Solution

    "The simplicity and speed with which the project was implemented"

    Jerry C.
    Jerry C.
    Director of Finance,Global Tubes and Cores

    We have had a very positive experience using Price f(x) for our pricing analytic and quotation needs

    "Flexibility of the software and responsiveness of the organization in addressing our needs "

    Jose R.
    Jose R.
    Global Pricing & EU Commercial Analytics Director at O-I

    Pricing SaaS solution for quick deployment and very flexible configuration

    "+ Implementation speed + Flexibility in configuration + Benefiting from quick SaaS improvements and new features + Professionalism of the project team we have (and their good spirits)"

    Eduardo R.

    Perfect software for complex and large pricing calculations

    "The system is quite flexible in terms of the modules that can be developed and there is pretty much no restriction regarding the algorithms and formulas that can be implemented"

    Executive Sponsor in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

    Flexible, enterpreneurial and easily scalable pricing solution

    ". Ease of doing business with Pricef(x) - Common Sense . Pricing model: monthly subscription per module, not per user . 100% flexibility in requirements - everything can be done . Powerful calculations . Powerful visualizations . "

    Den P.
    Den P.
    Pricing Manager at Iplex Pipelines & Rocla

    Flexible software, great team, affordable solution

    "easy company to deal with and they don't require a long term commitment / investment. Approachable senior management. Highly configurable software. You can sit together with the developer and test the features that you need. "

    User in Building Materials

    Price FX is the pricing software that delivers value for money.

    "This software is one of the few pricing software providers that puts the power of pricing analytics in the hands of the user. It is like a 21st century Excel product, flexible, easy to use and doesn't require hours of consulting time for ongoing maintenance. It really is a product that is sustainable from a cost perspective and has the ability and flexibility to change when your business..."

    Executive Sponsor in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

    Great management team, honest and trustworthy. Delivers what they promise.

    "Easy to implement, uses agile approach and SaaS company."

    Internal Consultant in Business Supplies and Equipment

    Pricefx: A great partner for our pricing journey

    "Flexibility of the modules to meet our unique business needs, team members' intellectual curiosity to explore new ideas and approaches to problems in partnership with our team, responsiveness of the Pricefx team members to issues and challenges."

    Upen R.

    Excellent flexibility and customization for Manufacturing Industry

    "Flexibility to customize Price Fx Solution to our organizations requirements. Continuous support from the Customer Success Team of Price Fx."

    Gerd S.

    With pfx it was easy to compare old and new systematic and understand critical points.

    "Flexibility of the system and speedy service of staff."

    Administrator in Machinery

    Service Pricing with Price f(x)

    "The different price list logics make it easy for us to calculate services for different countries."

    Administrator in Paper & Forest Products

    A great prices tool

    "The quick way to create and manage the prices. The quick response of the database even with really big amount of records. The easy way to integrate with Salesforce because for the users were easy to adapt to the tool, and sales team was comfortable creating quotes, and tracking the status of them."

    Roberto R.
    Roberto R.
    Financial Planning Director - Laboratorios Sanfer

    Best Pricing Tool

    "Transformational tool that has helped us improve our pricing and portfolio optimization decisions, the tool works great and customer support from Price Fx is outstanding"

    René V.
    René V.
    Product & Pricing Manager EMEA

    A dynamic pricing tool that perfectly combines our pricing strategies with simple usability.

    "-a tool that is specially adapted to our pricing needs -price f(x) is fast in reaction and implementation (agile too) -the great further development-oriented team is extremely customer focused which gives us the opportunity to further develop our system according to our pricing needs in an agile environment."

    S L.

    PriceFx was very flexible and fast to implement

    "PriceFx connected very easily to SAP and SalesForce allowing data to be sent between the 3 systems. PriceFx was very quick to implement and the sales team found it very intuitive to use increasing the user adaption speed."

    Aaryan G.
    Aaryan G.
    Business Intelligence Manager| Digital Transformation |Quote-to-Cash

    Pricing and configuration

    "I really like the flexibility of the tool. How easy to customize the tool based on the organization requirement. Support provided by the Technical Team is outstanding. I like the email notification feature. We use that feature a lot. Its very helpful for the executive to approve the quotes while on the fly. Moving quotes between the users really help us to govern the prices. "

    Administrator in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

    Flexible CPQ solution to measure pricing performance and support in pricing strategy implementation

    "Price FX provides flexibility of the ecosystem. The tool has a reasonable performance. The Price FX team has usually business oriented mindset of the (including configuration engineers, architects and project managers). Everything is at quite a reasonable cost of design and implementation. Possibility to start as a stand alone solution - as a pilot, which already can deliver a lot of value. It..."

    Domain Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services

    Pfx is flexible, simple and with rich functionalities

    "The tool is really flexible to accommodate nuances of big businesses with capability to set different level of control for governance"