Filip R.
    Filip R.
    AI Business Consultant at AI55

    My go to tool for ML-prototyping

    "It is super easy to upload data and get started with building your AI model, and also to implement the models. This is key for me as an AI Business Consultant when making prototypes."

    User in Medical Devices

    The best user friendly platform to creat your AI algorithms in Medicine!

    "Peltarion is the most user friendly platfor even for totally beginners. Even if you donĀ“t have any coding experience peltarion with its drag and drop system and GRAT suupport makes it really easy to build AI models in Medicine. I recommend it for all those who want to build powerful intuitive AI models is health sciences."

    User in Higher Education

    user-friendly low-code ML/AI platform

    "to enable a diverse group of users to perform rapid prototyping and experimentation on ML/AI"

    User in Telecommunications

    Intuitive AI-platform as a Service

    "Intuitive and easy to use AI platform that allows you to train state-of-the-art AI-models and put into production with one click. Competitive pricing and very good support from the Peltarion team."

    Simon G.

    Excellent tool for working with medical data sets

    "Graphical interface, easy to try different approaches, different models. We have been using for nearly 2 years and is now our standard platform for AI work."

    Lukas C.
    Lukas C.

    Excellent tool for working with text classification

    "Easy to get started with great tutorials"

    Bernardo F.
    Bernardo F.
    Data Scientist @ Growth Tribe | Data Strategies, Experimentation and Machine Learning | Public Speaker

    Fast and friendly tool to prototype deep learning models for NLP and computer vision.

    "The ability to plug the state of the art NLP and computer vision models and then proceed to train an extended architecture that suits a particular transfer learning needs. The educational content is also great and practical."

    Serge Maurice  d.
    Serge Maurice d.
    Senior Consultant/Data Scientist and Personnel Manager at Sopra Steria SE

    An easy to use no-code AI plaform

    "The fact that it is easily accessible even to people with very little AI expertise and that its demos are easy to reproduce and expand to your own projects. The possiblity to run competing models without having to test things sequentially is a big plus. We all know how time consuming that can be."

    Marlin W.
    Marlin W.
    Owner at 129 - AI Wandel gestalten

    AI empowerment

    "Easy and scalable, great to get started. Visual interface with tons of customization features."

    Consultant in Market Research

    AI is finally effortless.

    "Peltarion takes no-code AI to the next level. Many no-code AI tools lack serious machine learning features, while Peltarion allows you to select multiple data sources, fine-tune model details, deploy anywhere, and more."

    User in Computer Software

    I built my first AI use case in no time

    "The UI is intuitiv and deconstructs AI very effectively. I have some experience with code-first AI and now the basic terms and concepts. It still was hard for me to apply. Peltarion helped with this. I liked the distinct 4 phases (data prep, modelling, evaluation, deployment). Modelling was easy with the prebuilt templates and many tutorials to learn from. The highlight for me was the easy..."

    Vishwesh Ravi S.
    Vishwesh Ravi S.
    ADAS, Mercedes Benz R&D India

    Codeless AI platform at its best

    "A nice GUI, easy to use, and amazing support - all of these make Peltarion a really nice platform for one to use, whether you are a beginner or an advanced person in AI domain."

    Dustin K.
    Dustin K.

    Makes you feel like you are an AI expert - despite your expertise

    "Peltarion offers an easy-to-use environment for creating, testing and validating many different AI use cases. There are plenty of tutorials, a great documentation and a helpful customer support whenever you feel stuck. I loved the fact that it gave me all the tools I need for my AI project to realize, without having to understand all the technical fundamentals."

    User in Research

    User friendly and AI-platform that demands little previous knowledge

    "It is the first time I use artificial intelligence and I'm impressed by the simplicity of how to construct models on the platform. For the more advanced aspects I have gotten by with some help from technicians at Peltarion, but once the frame-work has been in place, it is quite simple to modify and combine different models. The sorting, filtering and tagging interface for management of..."

    Joseph K.
    Joseph K.
    Entrepreneur. Holder of 3 Technical Patents developed by Panasonic.

    Peltarion - Best Machine Learning AI Tool for No-Code App Builders (Has Bubble Integration)

    "By far, it is one of the easiest and versatile no-code AI / machine learning platform out there."

    Ebi T.
    Ebi T.
    Student Researcher at University of Ulsan

    Build AI with NO CODE and at the SHORTEST TIME possible!!!

    "Oh I liked everything! But my very best was the fact that my model trained in the shortest possible time! That was amazing!!! I have a very large dataset that would ordinarily take about a day to train, but on Peltarion it trained in under 5hrs."

    Simon A.
    Simon A.

    Easy to get started, and have powerful features

    "The step-by-step nature of the product and that it's deployed with one click. 1 - import your data, 2 - train your model, 3 - assess the quality, 4 - deploy."

    Antimo M.
    Antimo M.
    Executive Manager at EY | 15 Years in Digital Technology Transformation | Data Science & Co-Founder di FifthIngenium

    A Complete AutoML Platform for E2E ML Applications

    "AutoML features for structured data and image and Integration with other No-Code Platform such as"