Amanda K.
    Amanda K.
    Human Resources Manager at GT Midwest

    How a HR Dept of One utilizes Paylocity to the MAX & during COVID-19

    "If you peruse my LinkedIn account you will see how my love for Paylocity and their technology runs pretty deep! Being an HR Dept of One has its limitations, but by utilizing Paylocity and its many features including: Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance, Benefits, Data Insights, Expense, Benefits, and of course Time and Labor/HR & Payroll it allows me to have everything in ONE just as I am and..."

    Jessica P.

    Best business decision for payroll.

    "After doing payroll for 150 employees, and from the advise of a friend in the HR business, I reached out to Paylocity for a consult. Not knowing what I was stepping into, I regret not doing it sooner. They have taken the burden 100%. They do all things payroll from timekeeping, to ACA, to state and federal reports. I don't have to do anything. The customer service is amazing. The end of year..."

    Joseph B.

    Great product for payroll

    "The easiness of using the website. It has a great array of functions and abilities"

    Heather C.

    We've been pleased with them since day one

    "Paylocity is always a step ahead. Whether it be with reporting or technology...they are always thinking of the future and what's coming next. "

    Joseph L.

    Payroll and HR Integration

    "Paylocity brings the HR function and the payroll function together into one platform for managing employee demographics and information. This function ensures that all related data is in one software location for quick access."

    Administrator in Wholesale

    Used Paylocity for 5 years

    "Paylocity is intuitive. I do not know if their developers complete any usability studies as they change pages and interfaces, but I have always found the tasks I've wanted to complete easily tracked through as I look at the process."

    Grechen A.

    Paylocity has it all

    "Paylocity is more than just a payroll system - it is a fully integrated HRIS. I like that everything is integrated and all of the modules "talk" to each other. I am able to manage my payroll and employment records, use E-Verify for I-9 data, performance reviews - online, recruiting - posting directly to Indeed and other sites and have resumes and applications automatically populate to..."

    Marie G.
    Marie G.
    Controller at Environmental Partners Group, Inc

    Paylocity has helped us streamline our payroll and HR functions

    "The customer service has been fantastic and we love the modules that allow us to go from the recruiting to onboarding to payroll so that information only has to be entered once, and preferably by the employee, not us. We are also leveraging the document storage to use it as a place to have complete employee files. "

    Karen G.
    Karen G.
    Human Resources Generalist at Revere Copper Products, Inc.

    Paylocity Review

    "The site is very user friendly, intuitive, and can easily be altered to meet your company's needs. If there is an issue the customer service is one of the best. "

    Lori F.

    Great tools and customer service

    "Paylocity's implementation was smooth and painless from an administrator's perspective, and also for our employees,. Training and information was clear and helped us guide our employees and managers through the process very smoothly. Since implementation, we have been increasing functionality little by little to fully utilize the modules."

    Natalie S.

    All in one HRIS

    "Whenever I have a question, I can send a quick email and expect not only a reply, but a helpful resource of where to go in Paylocity if I have more questions! I can save those emails for future reference, but I can also continue the conversation with my service team if my question isn't answered. It has been fantastic to have all of our HR information in one spot. One login, one input, and..."

    Suzanne W.

    Paylocity is an incredible tool.

    "The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, especially for an HR and payroll novice. The various modules allow me to automate previously cumbersome processes such as Onboarding and Open Enrollment. The site is visually appealing , inviting and interactive for users. Integration with other platforms is another big plus. Looking forward to integrating more functionality soon."

    Marcia B.

    Paylocity makes my job easier

    "I like how easy it is to use the system. They have videos and guides to help but also a customer service line if there is something I cannot figure out. They are wonderful at walking me through how to do the task."

    Toni R.
    Toni R.
    Human Resources Manager at D&H Industries

    Reliability and lots of functionality!

    "Paylocity has a lot of different options and they appear to be working very hard to stay ahead of the latest developments. Despite this, the software has been very reliable and stable."

    Elizabeth G.
    Elizabeth G.
    Bilingual Human Resources Manager

    A World of Difference

    "Paylocity's representatives are knowledgeable and will always get you the answers needed. The assistance received when transitioning from a PEO platform was incredible, everyone was so helping and friendly. There was never a problem or issue during the implementation. Everyone involved in our transition was so friendly and helpful and truly reflected the Paylocity spirit and values."

    Rebecca C.
    Rebecca C.
    “The only way to do great work is to do what you love.”- Steve Jobs

    Paylocity Review

    "Very easy to use system with ability to customize to the company's needs. The system is very user friendly from an employee standpoint and also provides a free app to use via smartphone as well. "

    De B.
    De B.
    Human Resources Professional | Be a voice - not an echo

    Innovative Approach to HR

    "The most helpful piece about Paylocity is it's ability to connect people and keep them connected in a fun way. The system is very modern and super easy to use. I love that they reinvest money in their own technology and their are there own first client. Onboarding is also a breeze with Paylocity!"

    Kayden E.
    Kayden E.
    People Operations Coordinator at MemberClicks

    The only support line I get excited to call!

    "Each representative is so kind. No matter the question, I am met with such helpful guidance and efficient problem solving. I have built a great relationship with our account manager and trust her with any situation. The attention to detail and urgency is problem solving is much appreciated. I know that whenever I call, I will be met with generosity and quality service."

    corinne h.
    corinne h.

    Great payroll company, excellent customer service.

    "Everything is at your fingertips, easy to use. Reports are easy to find and easy to use. Help is great and everything is on the website."

    Shannon B.
    Shannon B.
    Director of Human Resources at Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine

    Exemplary Customer Service

    "As a fast growing startup organization, Paylocity has helped us to create and then streamline our payroll processes as we have grown. They have been patient, helpful, and willing to work with us on every issue from a new benefit leave account to solving an employee's time card entry."