Kristen D.

    Highly Recommended Simple Software

    "Paylocity is an incredibly user-friendly, easy-to-use system. It is a very powerful tool with excellent reporting capabilities and accurate payroll processing. It is an all-in-one recruiting, onboarding, performance, HR, payroll, and timekeeping software. We have recently switched to Paylocity and are very happy with the decision to do so."

    Administrator in Commercial Real Estate

    Great Customer Service

    "I like that they are responsive when I ask questions. They are usually extremely helpful, and they are very open to suggestions for improvement. They have made many good changes in the past handful of years and made it more of a one stop shop for HR needs."

    Administrator in Hospital & Health Care

    Paylocity: ability to have everything in one place!

    "I like that I can see all of my employees' payroll information, do reviews for them as well as manage my own success path with the journal entries and such. It is an amazing all-in-one platform. I like the fact that our entry-level employees are able to use this platform just like the most tech-savvy person within our company."

    Administrator in Non-Profit Organization Management

    Great Program / Service on Payroll & HR Great/Love the Dynamic Reporting

    "My assigned Account Manager, Dawn T, is beyond comparison. Liking the increased nimbleness in adapting products based on client requests and the increasing regulatory landscape (especially during COVID). Also really like the increased adaptation to responsive mobile apps."

    Maureen C.

    Paylocity has great customer service and support!

    "Whenever you call your account rep, if they aren't available, one of the other reps on their team will answer you. If you submit a question or concern over email, you usually get an answer back within that day (8 hours). They are always courteous and professional. If they don't have the answer, they will get right back to you."

    Roger B.

    Best HRIS Solution = Paylocity

    "Paylocity is intuitive and very easy to use. The staff has been great on those rare occasions where things go haywire for me, and we have always been able to solve my problems quickly and efficiently. The Paylocity knowledge base is fantastic and allows for quick and easy solutions, as well as live and self-paced training modules. I love these because I can become the Paylocity SME for my..."

    Lillian K.
    Lillian K.

    Great all-in-one resource

    "Paylocity gives me the tools I need to quickly and easily manage my personnel employment processes and makes submitting accurate and sometimes complicated payrolls straightforward and user-friendly. They also provide a comprehensive reports module that keeps our records and reporting easily executable. When I have questions, big, small, simple or complicated, their support staff helps me learn..."

    Administrator in Wholesale

    Best Payroll Product on the Market

    "Paylocity is a technology company that offers a payroll solution. The team is very knowledgeable in the product and well versed in payroll. The system continuously evolves and they strive to give us the best tool in the market at all times. "

    Laura D.
    Laura D.
    Director of Human Resources at Columbus Humane

    So Intuitive!

    "I am an HR Department of one and had never used Paylocity before. When I started my new role, I got a brief intro to the system but really was able to teach myself everything I needed to do. If I could not figure something out, the learning module had plenty of resources for me to learn."

    Marissa G.

    Great payroll and overall HRIS platform for small business

    "Ability to house most of our employee lifecycle within one HRIS/payroll system. The ability to use the recruiting module to actively source candidates, onboard them with the onboarding module that then creates employees in the payroll system (including ability to attach documents to electronic employee files and customize the onboarding experience) is fantastic for small businesses. Easy to..."

    Rajeev C.
    Rajeev C.

    Great support

    "The tool itself it fine. I think the industry is overly complicated due to our tax system, so it is hard to make things truly simple. That being said, this is the most understandable tool I've used so far. And better than that, the support is excellent. Anytime I've got a question I can dive into the chat system and get answers in minutes. It makes a frustrating process rather easy."

    Jen S.

    So many great tools!

    "I love that Paylocity allows you the opportunity to choose what tools are best and most appropriate for your business or organization. There are SO many excellent tools to choose from to meet your needs (or wants). You can build a customizable package that works for your needs. The system is very user-friendly, and there are tons of articles to help navigate through all of the options."

    Tim E.

    Great comprehensive HRIS

    "Various modules that all talk to each other. The recruiting module integrates with the onboarding module, which passes information into the main HR & Payroll as well as the timekeeping modules. The have lots of built-in features that help with regulatory compliance and data insights regarding staffing, turnover, etc. There are standard LMS trainings included which are a great value-add."

    Amanda K.
    Amanda K.
    Human Resources Manager at GT Midwest

    How a HR Dept of One utilizes Paylocity to the MAX & during COVID-19

    "If you peruse my LinkedIn account you will see how my love for Paylocity and their technology runs pretty deep! Being an HR Dept of One has its limitations, but by utilizing Paylocity and its many features including: Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance, Benefits, Data Insights, Expense, Benefits, and of course Time and Labor/HR & Payroll it allows me to have everything in ONE just as I am and..."

    Jessica P.

    Best business decision for payroll.

    "After doing payroll for 150 employees, and from the advise of a friend in the HR business, I reached out to Paylocity for a consult. Not knowing what I was stepping into, I regret not doing it sooner. They have taken the burden 100%. They do all things payroll from timekeeping, to ACA, to state and federal reports. I don't have to do anything. The customer service is amazing. The end of year..."

    Joseph B.

    Great product for payroll

    "The easiness of using the website. It has a great array of functions and abilities"

    Heather C.

    We've been pleased with them since day one

    "Paylocity is always a step ahead. Whether it be with reporting or technology...they are always thinking of the future and what's coming next. "

    Joseph L.

    Payroll and HR Integration

    "Paylocity brings the HR function and the payroll function together into one platform for managing employee demographics and information. This function ensures that all related data is in one software location for quick access."

    Administrator in Wholesale

    Used Paylocity for 5 years

    "Paylocity is intuitive. I do not know if their developers complete any usability studies as they change pages and interfaces, but I have always found the tasks I've wanted to complete easily tracked through as I look at the process."

    Administrator in Information Technology and Services

    Great product, always coming up with new features

    "Paylocity has a great product with many integrated modules that make managing employee "HR activities" pretty seamless. They are constantly developing and improving the product, so it's nice to know that a feature you may wish existed may actually come in the future. I've evaluated many different systems, each with strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Paylocity doesn't necessarily..."