<span>Katrina v.</span>
    Katrina v.

    A must-have for data management and orchestration

    "The platform is super versatile, allowing you to clean, dedupe, standardize, and visualize your data quickly and easily. They’ve changed the game for data management. And their customer success team is great - they really invested in helping us get properly set up to ensure we were getting the most out of the platform. "

    <span>Kyle J.</span>
    Kyle J.
    Growth Marketing & Data Expert for B2B SaaS

    A must-have for data-driven marketing & sales organizations

    "Openprise offers powerful data ETL and manipulation at-scale without having to write a single line of code. "

    <span>Rajesh M.</span>
    Rajesh M.
    Marketing Operations Analyst at Nutanix

    Openprise has made our day to day task/work easier. So, that we could concentrate on other stuff

    "User-friendly, Analysing bigger project into small batches & validating at each & every step. Some of the best platform to work on multiple jobs, such as dedupe, List cleansing, List enrichment, Attribution, Account matching, etc"

    <span>Katherine S.</span>
    Katherine S.

    A great team to work with for automation

    "The Openprise team have been great partners in our data automation endeavors. They first and foremost listen and understand your business problems and work with you to solve them. "

    <span>Pierre A.</span>
    Pierre A.
    CEO at Wabel

    Finally a simple solution for data cleansing

    "Extremely convenient to normalize and keep our databases clean of duplicates or useless records. Does not require developers or data scientist. Can be set-up by data driven people, and run by virtually anyone able to press on a button."

    <span>Nikki C.</span>
    Nikki C.
    Marketing Automation Manager at BigCommerce

    Talk About Clean Data ...

    "Flexibility - Openprise allows you to clean and append your data, the way that works best for you. "

    <span>Ali R.</span>
    Ali R.
    Leader | Demand Generation Expert | Marketing Technologist

    Openprise Makes Marketing Life Worth Living

    "Ease of use, direct integration with Salesforce and Marketo, how it's turned large data processing tasks that would take Marketo forever to do complete and slow the system down super easy to deploy and manage. "

    <span>Josh R.</span>
    Josh R.
    Sr Marketing Operations Manager at Nutanix

    Great Product, Great Support

    "The product has so many potential use cases, I'm constantly thinking of new ways to use their platform. This flexibility along with the amazing support makes them one of my favorite vendors to work with. "

    <span>John K.</span>
    John K.
    Senior Sales Operations Analyst at Nutanix

    Process Automation and Data Clean up at its finest

    "First and foremost, the knowledge the Openprise team has is amazing and their support is very efficient. Furthermore, they are very collaborative when it comes finding a solution that works for us. Every time our team has reached out to OP with a new task/project they were able to deliver."

    <span>Vivek B.</span>
    Vivek B.
    Marketing Operations Manager at Nutanix

    Great Product and Excellent Support!

    "The speed at which you can automate, execute new processes and the excellent support they provide."

    <span>Kat N.</span>
    Kat N.
    Marketing Operations Manager at Nutanix

    Openprise is Essential

    "Openprise is an essential partner for the Nutanix Marketing Operations team. We trust Openprise to perform our most crucial and sensitive data management processes. Thanks to their willingness to think outside the box and the realm of perceived possibility, our data is cleaner than ever and our processes are tightly automated. Since working with Openprise, we have saved our team countless hours..."

    <span>Poornima S.</span>
    Poornima S.
    Marketing Consultant

    Openprise is Our's Data Management Helpline 24*7

    "They are best in automating many processes like upload, de-dup and enrichment and happy to work with them on a couple of projects. Give your visualisation or idea to them and they will make your life easy! I would definitely recommend to another team to make their life easy. The team is very cooperative and always ready to help in odd hours. Few Example: We have saved our team manual work by..."

    <span>Tiffany T.</span>
    Tiffany T.

    Total Game-changers

    "Working with Openprise has been nothing short of amazing. I can't think of any one thing I like best, because everything they have brought to the table, offer, and solve for has been world-class and improved our data normalization, enrichment, and aggregation 10 fold. They even created a custom solution for a request we put in within days. Not weeks. Not months. DAYS. Their hands on support for..."

    <span>Pavan K.</span>
    Pavan K.
    Marketing Ops Analyst at Nutanix

    One of the best Automation tool

    "They are best in Automation like list upload, List enrichment, Dedupe, tagging Lead/Contact Persona, Job Role, Job Function, theater, region, Matching Lead and Account names, Updating valid Phone numbers format as per country, Standard country, State and Cleaning company names, cleaning of Email and domains and many more... The Openprise team is highly knowledgeable, Friendly and most active..."

    <span>Konnie T.</span>
    Konnie T.
    Senior Manager Marketing Operations at Skybox Security

    A must have tool for data management

    "Openprise really packs a punch in terms of number of features but the real value is the way they are able to come up with new and creative ways to solve problems using the existing feature set. So you're not having to wait months for a solution while their product team gets it on the roadmap and for engineering to build it. Everyone on the Openprise team is highly knowledgeable and though..."

    <span>Jeff N.</span>
    Jeff N.
    Director, Global Sales Operations at Nutanix

    Openprise a must have tool for clean data standardization

    "I love how Openprise allows me to keep data clean and updated, without the use of human beings. People go on vacations, quit, miss deadlines, etc... Openprise doesn't. Additionally, Openprise can help you route leads, set up territories, and more. anything that can be built on logic, Operprise can do it."