Okmeter.io is a server monitoring SaaS that give user thousands metrics for each of DB, application, web-server instances with zero configuration, auto-dashboards, and pre-configured alerts for common pitfalls.

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What is okmeter?

Okmeter.io is a server infrastructure monitoring service.
It constantly monitors everything happening on your production servers and alerts you when something is wrong.

Unlike other monitoring systems Okmeter.io is a ready-made and fully integrated solution. That means you won't need spend your time configuring it on what, where and how to monitor. Okmeter already knows where's what and how to properly gather data from that.
With built-in experience Okmeter.io knows better how to check server statistics for whether everything is okay.

Prebuilt plugins for commonly used OSS technologies — MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, Elasticsearch, Nginx, Cassandra, you name it — Okmeter.io agent will automagically detect all running services and collect 1000s meaningful metrics from each one of them. Along with resource usage and hardware condition monitoring — you'll get 100% of your infrastructure covered with monitoring.

With integrated chart auto-dashboards for all these services you'll get a comprehensive overview of all your server infrastructure. Okmeter allows you to drill-down into charts to get insights of problem root causes.

Okmeter pre-configured triggers for common pitfalls in server infrastructure will automatically detect and diagnose not only outages, but potential issues with your server stack. With all that Okmeter helps reduce MTTR and increase uptime, and that is crucial for any modern IT or online system.

With Okmeter custom integrations one can closely monitor not only application performance (with log monitoring and statsd application instrumentation), but also allows one to correlate performance issues with biz-level metrics and to get insights on required performance improvements. Constantly monitor your business metrics in real-time with Okmeter, and stay on top of what's happening with you IT-business before affects your revenue.

With Okmeter.io you'll be surely prepared to anything that comes next. And even better — with Okmeter you can proactively resolve issues.

okmeter Details Provided by: Pavel T.

okmeter Details Provided by: Pavel Trukhanov

Павел Труханов
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