myHealthPointe supports consumer-driven care by securely connecting individuals to their treatment information. myHealthPointe integrates with Netsmart CareRecords so consumers can easily access their latest clinical and personal information, and stay invested in their health and recovery. The solution supports both a consumer engagement solution and also a consumer check-in kiosk.

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myHealthPointe review by Barry G.
Barry G.
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"It is a functioning patient portal that meets Meaningful Use requirements, low technical maintenance"

What do you like best?

There is little to worry about about the patient portal requirement because it has been developed for you. In addition it is certified for "Meaningful Use", so you will meet the patient portal requirement without any further worry on your part besides purchasing myHealthPointe and coordinating with Netsmart to get it setup and configured properly.

After it has been setup, it works relatively well especially for as young as the software is. As an organization, you have granular control over what specific pieces of information/data the patients may access or what functions they may utilize e.g. prescribed medications, appointment scheduling, diagnosis, messages between doctor/provider and patient.

This patient portal does sync with your Netsmart electronic healthcare record (EHR) system as long as that system is still supported and actively developed by Netsmart.

Efforts for myHealthPointe customer organizations are relatively low; however, you will probably need someone or an internal support team that manages administration settings for the portal and effectively owns the portal.

It is easy and straightforward for configuring access and managing user settings. There is little need for modification to the product itself beyond the configuration options provided.

What do you dislike?

I do not believe this integrates with any EHR system besides Netsmart's own supported EHR systems. Older Netsmart-owned systems are likely not supported. If you are already a Netsmart customer, you probably have no choice for any other patient portal besides this unless you develop your own, which, would be costly and it would require your own patient portal to be certified for Meaningful Use. This product is already certified.

By the very nature that patients must be able to access your myHealthPointe portal over the open internet, a window into subsets of data within your EHR system on your patients is accessed via that open internet. Be sure that everything is secure and only HTTPS connections may be made to the portal using strong cryptographic protocols. Have good account management practices in place to minimize unauthorized access.

It opens your organization up for possibly providing technical support to patients on getting into and accessing the patient portal. Small organizations may not have the resources to bother with this. At least some common login issues may be handled by clients themselves e.g. password reset. This issue should not be taken lightly, login issues may be the problem preventing you from meeting patient registration numbers as required for Meaningful Use. Technical issues and support with the portal may be an additional strain on your employees that are supporting myHealthPointe.

That leads to another point, just because you have a patient portal like myHealthPointe does not mean that your clients/patients will use it.

Like any patient portal, this is a commitment that your organization must be willing to make.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

You must know what you're getting into with myHealthPointe. From the beginning start involving employees from your organization on the process of getting it configured properly, get your questions answered e.g. do you want patients to have access to prescribed medications, can your patients send messages to providers, do your providers even want to use the secure messaging in myHealthPointe etc.

Netsmart simply takes care of the technical implementation of the product itself and that is it. You will need a team that owns this portal within your organization.

Getting this patient portal up and working requires a public internet endpoint which then allows authorized access to patient healthcare data as provided by your EHR system, understand the risks and get it set up securely and properly.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

This product, myHealthPointe, will meet Meaningful Use requirements. It allows your clients to login and view their healthcare information within your Netsmart EHR system. This patient portal is certified for Meaningful Use.

For technically savvy patients, this may speed up appointment scheduling, lab results reviewing, and other healthcare correspondence between your providers and the patient.

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