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Mediafly Evolved Selling

Mediafly Evolved Selling

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Mediafly's technology bridges the gap between buyers and sellers. We enable sales and marketing teams to create a sophisticated selling experience that the modern B2B buyer values and that increases revenue.

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What is Mediafly Evolved Selling?

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Mediafly: The Evolved Selling™ Solution

Mediafly Evolved Selling Details Provided by: Isabelle P.

Mediafly Evolved Selling Details Provided by: Isabelle Papoulias

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About Mediafly Evolved Selling

It’s a digital-first world and your buyer has changed. They’re doing more research on their own and interacting with sales reps later than ever. When they do engage, their expectations are high. How do you provide a differentiating sales experience that values the modern buyer and drives business results? Mediafly's sales enablement technology makes sales reps more effective in every interaction with buyers, to drive more revenue. Using Mediafly's solution, marketing and sales teams at companies like PepsiCo, GE Healthcare, MillerCoors and Charles Schwab, are able to deliver custom, value-based sales presentations easily, and engage customers with insights that are relevant to them. Many of our clients see a 66% lift in revenue and 43% more closed deals.

We offer a combination of technologies and selling methodologies that enhance how brands engage with prospective buyers. We call our approach Evolved Selling™ . Most companies use presentation materials that are static, linear, and boring to prospects. Consider whether you have an opportunity to develop and deliver sales engagements with much more impact and insight, based on our four core elements of Evolved Selling:

1) Are your selling stories benefit-oriented and INSPIRING to prospects?
2) Can your sales reps easily access and pivot to the right content to be the most INFLUENTIAL in a specific prospect interaction?
3) Are your sales presentations in an INTERACTIVE format that drives collaboration and discussion or a one size fits all static powerpoint deck?
4) Is your current sales enablement solution AI-powered and INTELLIGENT to provide insights on what sales content is used by reps and if it drives revenue?

If you answered NO to at least one of the above, Mediafly's capabilities can help improve your sales team's performance.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Mediafly's Evolved Selling Solution offers:
- Workshops and advisory services to guide you in your sales enablement journey towards becoming an Evolved Seller
- Out-of-the-box and hyper customized content distribution and presentation mobile apps tailored to your unique sales challenges
-Interactive selling tools like ROI and TCO calculators to facilitate value-driven conversations with prospects
- Sales readiness tools
- Analytics that matter to understand what sales content drives closed deals so you can optimize your future content and sales strategy

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