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Medallia Experience Cloud, an award-winning SaaS platform, leads the market in helping organizations understand, manage and improve the experiences of their customers, employees, and citizens. Medallia is equipped with the most comprehensive capabilities for capturing feedback and experience signals wherever customers are interacting, including: email, social, digital web and in-app, conversational messaging and connected devices. And, when combined with operational and transactional data fed into Medallia, organizations can understand every touchpoint along every customer journey. Medallia Athena brings AI and Machine Learning to the platform, detecting patterns, uncovering issues and new business opportunities, and predicting behavior, all to focus attention for smarter business decisions. Medallia delivers these insights in real-time, across the organization, so that the voice of the customer can be embedded in daily decisions made by everyone, from the frontline to the C-suite. Using Medallia Experience Cloud, organizations can make demonstrable improvements to the customer experience and employee experience, reducing churn, turning detractors into promoters and buyers, and creating in-the-moment cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. All of which help companies deliver clear and potent returns on investment. Learn what Medallia can do for your organization by requesting a demo at

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Medallia's feedback management products are built on technology that's designed to capture users' attention, make solutions clear and motivate employees to act.

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What do you like best?

Difficult to mention something, but the during the sales process the Medallia team were passionate and responsive, and gave us a very good impression Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

Not keeping their promises, promised is everything, but we're not able to deliver as promised. We felt that Medallia were more focused on $ after we signed the agreement with them than keeping their promises ! Review collected by and hosted on

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Make sure to check out other vendors and several references onsite! Review collected by and hosted on

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Better Customer service Review collected by and hosted on

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