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Martal is your on demand sales partner, servicing B2B tech companies in US and Canada, generating them qualified leads, providing support staff and services right through to signed contracts. We provide managed services for outbound sales, our fractional sales executives, marketing managers and account managers will help your team in sourcing deals, pitching prospects and winning new business.

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Martal Group Profile Details

Martal Consulting Group
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"Martal B2B lead generation for Kipod Video analytics"

Describe the project or task the provider helped with:

Our team partnered with Martal for both outbound and inbound lead generation, and customer onboarding in North America.

What do you like best?

Vito and his team were very transparent about their processes, and updated us regularly. Excellent communication skills and expertise in the field, and were able to gain an understanding of our product easily.

What do you dislike?

Lengthy conversion process, small amount of leads per cycle.

Martal Group Features

  • Needs Assessment
  • Resource Allocation
  • Statement of Work
  • Best Practices
  • Customer Profile Interview
  • Tactics
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