Marina L.
    Marina L.
    Director of Customer Experience at The SSL Store™

    Maestro QA Has Taken Us to The Next Level!

    "The best thing about Maestro QA is that we now have a solid, concrete view of what our quality is like, and how well each of our agents are preforming in their roles. This is especially useful for new agents in training. Maestro's automations make it easy to add our new hires to a "training wheels" grading sequence so we can keep tabs on the tickets they're working on while they're still..."

    Brynn G.
    Brynn G.
    Team Lead, Support QA and Development at Dialpad

    Life Changing Product

    "Easy on the go grading, I can grade a case on the fly while in our CRM (Zendesk) . System Automations - auto assignments out to my graders as well as an easy at a glance way to make sure assignments are being completed along with further reporting options. Integration with Zendesk - the sync with our tickets and ticket fields allow for easy filtering of which cases need attention for grading"

    César S.

    Excellent feedback tool for large organizations.

    "I like how easily my grader can click and select sentences within my chat and, just as easily, add annotations. Their layout is easy to understand and fairly intuitive. The main page's UX feels intuitive and the data sets derived from your grades feels like a really helpful pace and progress check at a quick glance. Even beyond that glance, exploding that data set further for more insight is..."