Administrator in Government Administration

    Laserfiche is the solution you need today and tomorrow.

    "The best thing about Laserfiche, aside from the ability to integrate with just about anything, is the extensive user community. It really speaks volumes when the user community is so active and supportive of the product."

    Xaver P.

    A top quality ECM

    "The ease of managing end users makes an administrators job very easy. "

    Melanie A.

    Laserfiche - A Powerful Tool for Electronic Content Management

    "I love the search functionality within the repository and the way all of their products work together seamlessly. Workflow and Forms have been complete game changers for our company and have enabled us to streamline many business processes."

    Sheryl B.

    Very Satisfied with what Laserfiche has to offer.

    "I was able to get the concept quickly and am now able to train other individuals on implementing Laserfiche in our organization. I like how easy it is to store documents. Laserfiches security is excellent because our important documents are protected from falling in the wrong hands. By creating a matadata it makes it a breeze when looking for specific documents. The search engine is excellent..."

    Chelsey H.
    Chelsey H.
    Laserfiche Specialist

    A Collection of Secure, Powerful, Flexible Automation Tools

    "All of the Laserfiche tools are similar to each other in terms of configuration. Once you learn one, you can intuitively interact with the others. Due to the numerous ways each tool can be configured, we are able to design custom solutions to a variety of business practices across multiple departments. In wake of the COVID-19 emergency, Laserfiche has proved its usefulness ten fold because..."

    Ed T.
    Ed T.
    Engineering Technician at Contra Costa County

    Laserfiche makes things better in so many ways

    "Laserfiche is extremely flexible. It allows us to change how we implement Laserfiche as we improve processes and it allows us to automate and standardize our document structure with minimal human interaction. Our VAR, ECS Imaging, has been crucial in the implementation process by having us look at our processes from beginning to end. This has helped us find ways to optimize processes and..."

    Melissa B.
    Melissa B.
    Management Analyst at Cambria CSD

    Laserfiche - Not just records management anymore

    "I love the Laserfiche community, how easy it is to connect with others and share templates and ideas, and how Laserfiche continues to grow and improve what they offer to clients."

    Administrator in Education Management

    Ease of use

    "Laserfiche has empowered our tiny department of two people to improve processes in records management across a variety of departments in our school district from Human Resources to Facilities/Maintenance to compliance with English language learning records/data intake. We are able to create forms unique to our processes and tailor a business process to go along with our electronic forms making..."

    Angela J.
    Angela J.
    Dept. Head Secretary at Cowlitz County

    Easy to use, amazing results

    "Laserfiche is a program that allows people who are not IT professionals to learn it easily. If there is a will there is a way. I haven't found anything that Laserfiche couldn't do for us. You can transform complicated, long processes into quick and easy processes. "

    Administrator in Education Management

    Laserfiche - Improved Efficiencies and Record Storage Practices in our District

    "Our school district has used Laserfiche for over 5 years now and has streamlined our Electronic Document Storage using the built-in scanning and Office integration tools as well as other third-party integrations customized to our other business software using the available SDK tools. Efficiencies across all of our departments have been possible on more than 30 different processes/procedures..."

    Alexa S.
    Alexa S.
    Records Management Technician at City of Westminster, Colorado

    Excellent Customer Service

    "The software is easy to navigate especially if you are self-taught. The online training's are a great guide, and any time I have an issue or question, a representative responds quickly. The Empower training is also great. I was self taught with this software and I was easily able to teach myself how to use it. I also think having the online chat is beneficial, as sometimes users need a quick..."

    Lena S.

    Transforming our service to students, faculty, & staff through LaserFiche

    "We've been able to streamline processes, save valuable resources, and large amounts of money by using electronic forms. The ability to track a process, access and approve a process from anywhere, and have the process paperwork be automatically save in the repository has been a game changer for our college and the best part? No lost paperwork! The forms process itself is super user friendly and..."

    James S.

    Laserfiche is Awesome

    "It's simple to use, and it makes my job easier! I'm able to create a workflow and then launch it. It's relatively easy once you learn how to build workflows. Then, it's easy on the end-users to save their documents into Laserfiche and the files get routed to where they need to go. Also, there are a lot of learning materials available, the Laserfiche Empower conference, and online certification..."

    User in Government Administration

    Laserfiche for local government records

    "Simple to use; good tool for records preservation. Website search tool very helpful."

    Peg H.
    Peg H.
    Director of Collections and Document Data Management at Ackerman Security

    Laserfiche is the Best software for document management out there.

    "I love working with Forms and the workflows. The forms has open so many avenues for our users and myself. The upside is that there are always more new upgrades. "

    Gert B.

    Excellent ECM Product with no Limit

    "I love Forms best, Laserfiche forms has really come a long way and it is so flexible. We designed our whole Document Generation process and many more with Laserfiche Forms. This process entails generations of the following types of Documents: Offers, Confirmation Letters, Internal Lease etc. The versatility of the reports in the system to assist with KPI measures and ease of tracking where..."

    Brett S.

    Company that truly cares about your success after the sale.

    "I've worked with lots of vendors over my 30 years in IT. They all seem to be your best friend, but once they get paid for their product, you send valuable time just trying to get them to answer the phone or return your calls. LaserFiche truly cares about your success with their product. They call me regularly to see how things are going. They want to know if there is anything they can do to..."

    Susan P.
    Susan P.
    MS in Human Resource Management - University of Southern California

    Great Business Partner

    "Laserfiche is easy to use, and they have everything need to create useful solutions. The user forums, on line training through LMS, regional user groups and amazing VARS."

    Samantha H.
    Samantha H.
    Cad Tech at Fresno County Assessor's Office

    Great for sharing documents with the entire office

    "can print documents into Laserfiche and add metadata"

    Internal Consultant in Leisure, Travel & Tourism

    Business Process Automation and Mobile system Integrations

    "The shear flexible nature of the Laserfiche system and being able to tackle a large number of business problems within a single platform."