Mark B.
    Mark B.
    Self-employed at BPI Management Consulting

    The easiest and most affordable no-code app builder

    "The drag and drop interface works great and field configuration is highly intuitive, as are setting up filters and views. Setting up custom icons is easy. The program is a much better value than competitors like QuickBase, who have a $600 entry point. You can go live with Kintone for 80% less at $120 for 5-users. "

    Randy L.
    Randy L.

    Kintone has been great and allowed me to move from Excel files to a database with better reports

    "The ability to report on data in many different and flexible ways."

    Leslie K.

    Kintone is a game changer

    "It's hard to pick just one thing to like best, but among my favorite things are the process management options to automate approvals (we have lots of different approvers who approve items based on a number of criteria), the ability to set permissions levels for users, and the fact that apps can integrate to look up and link to related data in other apps."

    Tara J.
    Tara J.
    Executive Director

    Easy for a non-data base user to learn!

    "I love that Kintone allows me to almost effortlessly track data. We have expanded the data tracking of our organization exponentially because of Kintone. It is VERY easy to create an app and easy to import and export data to a spreadsheet. I also LOVE that Kintone offers a Non-Profit price break. It allows us as a small non-profit to use a wonderful tool. We keep adding apps and..."

    Daniel S.

    Flexible and dynamic for the fast moving workplace

    "Our industry is constantly changing and evolving, which means most software solutions are too structured for our use cases. Kintone, however, has a strong balance of flexibility and features that has allowed us to not only organize and improve our current workflows, but to grow our system in line with the business. The flexibility has meant no part of our workflow is left behind."

    Drew M.
    Drew M.
    Founder at Tee Forward

    Flexible Software for Small Businesses

    "We've been with Kintone for about a year and it's been a pretty good experience. We've been able to create some simple apps quickly and painlessly without the need for development skills. However, with our team's development skills, we've also been able to create much more complex production managment software that connects multiple apps together. Everything is adaptable and thus we keep..."

    Administrator in Apparel & Fashion

    Virtually Unlimited Functionality

    "Kintone is extremely easy to use right out of the box. Even if you don't know how to code at all, you can build robust apps almost immediately. If you know even a little JavaScript, you can greatly increase the functionality of your apps. The developer program has JavaScript code written for you with app examples, which you can take and modify to suit your needs. If you know JavaScript..."

    Lou K.
    Lou K.
    Information Technology Manager, La Crosse Public Library

    Cost Savings Technology Designed to be Easy to Use

    "Ease of use. We have found this program extremely easy to use. We are looking at many other applications that we can switch over to it. "

    Administrator in Non-Profit Organization Management

    Kintone brings your team together

    "I like how easy it is to customize for our organization. We can also set the permission levels and roles so that our impact is maximized. Only people who need certain information have access to it"

    User in Internet

    Streamline your administrative processes with this software

    "I love using this program, it is very dynamic and has an interface that allows you to be more flexible, since it has a great capacity to customize the tools and the aspect according to your needs. This flexibility is also found in its tools and functions, since now through its use we now have a faster and more efficient workflow. It is very easy to automate hundreds of tedious and long tasks..."

    Nicole C.
    Nicole C.
    Technical Training Specialist at COLA Inc.

    Excellent Resource for Any Organizaiton

    "Kintone is so easy to use. When I had presented what I put together to our staff, a few people made an excellent suggestion of something to add. I was able to build an example for them to look at in 15 minutes. Very intuitively put together."

    Christopher M.

    Amazing Customer Service and product!

    "I love the versatility. The low code solution is great for building a standard native solution, however as a web developer the opportunities are endless as to the customization. This is a cost effective platform that really can help small to midsize businesses take them from expensive hardware, servers and upkeep, or expensive cloud solutions that fall outside their budgets. From CRMs to..."