Rob C.
    Rob C.
    Web Content Specialist at Kubota Canada

    CMS for all your business needs

    "The system is easy to use and navigate. Support is always available and responds quickly to all type of inquiries. The admin area allows global administrators to fully control the experience for all uses and how each website is structured."

    James S.
    Digital Content Manager at Apple

    Awesome and flexible CMS

    "It has a simple to explore interface. I cherish the capacity to recover disconnected documentation to distribute online as news presents on our clients in only minutes. It is easy to understand and staff have the self-rule to alter their own pages. Their support is also amazing. "

    Agency in Marketing and Advertising

    Powerful Content Management & Automation Platform

    "Kentico is an extremely powerful content management and marketing automation platform for many of our clients businesses."

    Trevor F.
    Trevor F.
    Kentico MVP & Senior Software Engineer at Heartland Business Systems

    It can really do everything, and continues to be the best to develop in

    "I love Kenticos easy development system in it's Custom modules, we have been able to make complex systems that customers can easily manage. The API is stellar and the new MVc page builder has made making wysiwyg interfaces for editors simple, clean and easy."

    Administrator in Entertainment

    All in one solution for digital customer experiences!

    "Wide range of online marketing features including online personalization, marketing automation, and ab testing. Easy to develop and maintain websites even of enterprise scale. "

    Administrator in Non-Profit Organization Management

    Easy peasy with Kentico

    "As a developer I like Kentico's rich set of functionality, flexibility and extensibility. It also has a very clean and intuitive user interface as well as being very easy to work with."

    Conor M.

    Slick, Stable, Easy to Use

    "Kentico is very easy to use. The menus are intuitive, the interface is easy, and everything works smoothly. I've worked with a number of other CMS's (Wordpress, Umbraco) and I like Kentico above others. It's also very secure and is updated very often, which is a huge plus for us as a financial institution. Their customer support is responsive and has always been helpful."

    Harika P.

    User Friendly CMS!

    "The ease of use, less training, ability to customize and out of box features available, customer support is what makes the tool unique from other competitors in this space. It takes very less time to train a new developer or on board a content contributor. It is very flexible to extend and customize the product. The support is always available. The amount of out of box widgets available are..."

    Hans D.

    Kentico solution is a comprehensive CMS

    "We like the fact that Kentico CMS is a complete Content Management System for business users and developers with regular releases (minor and major release cadence). Their data-driven approach for page content is powerful for a consistent look and feel and making it easier for non-technical users to quickly create content. For power users (but non-developers), they offer K# scripting..."