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Keeper Features

Authentication Options

Authentication User experience

Process of providing credentials and logging into multiple systems is easy and intuitive for users

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Supports Required Authentication systems

Supports required 3rd party Authentication Technologies. Example systems: bioMetric, passwords, key cards, token based systems, etc.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Provides support for Multi-Factor authentication, so users are required to provide multiple factors to authenticate. For example, something they know, Something they have or something they are.

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Supports Required Authentication Methods/Protocols

Support SSO via Web agents, proxy agents, agent-less, SAML or oAuth and WS-Federation authentication and authorization Web services depending upon the application and business use case

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Federation/SAML support (idp)

Can serve as the identity provider to external service providers so that when the user logs into a service, instead of providing credentials to the service provider, the service provider trusts the identity provider to validate the credentials.

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Federation/SAML support (sp)

Can serve as the Service provider from an external service so that when the user logs in externally they have seamless SSO to internal applications from a service provider.

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Access Control Types

Endpoint access

Provides ability to control access to PC's, Mobile devices, and other endpoint devices.

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Local Access

Controls access to legacy applications, web based applications, network resources and servers while employees are on the companies local area network.

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Remote Access

Controls access to legacy applications, web based applications, networks resources while employees are outside the local area network.

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Partner Access

Controls access to users that are not company employees that are either within the companies local area network or outside the network

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Supports BYOD users

Enables users to use their own device to access company applications.

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Usability & Access

Quick Login

Expedites user logins using methods like a master password or password autofill.

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Browser Extension

Integrates the tool with your browser for easy use.

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Mobile App Usability

Integrates with your mobile device for use on mobile apps.

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Multi-Device Use

Enables user to use the tool across multiple devices.

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Admin Management

Allows an employer or administrator to manage employee access.

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Ease of installation on server

Installation process is easy and flexible.

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Password Policy Enforcement

Options for resetting and enforcing password policies

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Administration Console

Provides Administration tools/console that are easy to use and learn for routine maintenance tasks

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Ease of connecting applications

Easily provisions new systems, platforms or applications using configuration and not customization.

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Self Service Password Administration

Users can set, change passwords without interaction from IT staff

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Security Measures

Password Generator

Generates passwords for each of your logins.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Provides extra security by requiring an extra for of verification in addition to a password.

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Security Audits

Analyzes and evaluates the quality and variety of your passwords.

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Multiple Operating system support

Supports Endpoint access control to multiple operating systems

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Multi-Domain Support

Allows user authentication to be honored by all the hosts in two or more domains

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Cross Browser support

Support access to browser based applications across required browser types

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Fail over protection

Provides required failover mechanisms to ensure if one server, network, etc fails users are still able able to authenticate

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Contains pre-built and custom reporting tools to required to manage business

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Provides mechanism for auditing authentication for trouble shooting purposes.

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Third Party Web Services support

Can call and pass credentials to third party web services.

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Digital Wallet

Stores records like credit cards or receipts in addition to passwords.

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File Storage

Stores files in addition to passwords.

(Based on 31 reviews)

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Keeper Features

  • Authentication User experience
  • Quick Login
  • Browser Extension
  • Mobile App Usability
  • Multi-Device Use
  • Admin Management

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