Jibble is a cloud application designed to enable users to effectively track time and attendance for their team.

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1. Jibble Time & Attendance for Teams
2. The Jibble attendance bot in Slack or MS Teams

Jibble Details Provided by: Sani G.

Jibble Details Provided by: Sani Gouw

Product Manager at Jibble.io
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About Jibble

Simple Time & Attendance management for teams. Employees can clock in (or as we say, jibble in) and out from their web browser, mobile phone or a dedicated time clock using an iPad or Android tablet. There is even a smart bot available in Slack and Microsoft Teams.
Work hours are accurately captured including activities, notes, photos (for Facial Recognition) and the GPS location (if enabled)

Managers have direct access to all data online or from their mobile phone. So they're always up to date. You'll be able to view, manage and download automated timesheets for your payroll & project calculation.

No More Buddy Punching!
By using mobile devices you can enforce users to share their GPS location and a photo for Facial Recognition verification. You'll always know who clocked in from which location

If you're staff members are on the go (field), you want to ensure that they clock in where they should. You can set specific Geofences (location parameters) to make sure that your employees only clock in where they are supposed to.

Automated Timesheets for Payroll Calculation
When your team members start tracking time, you'll be able to log in at any time and see who's working, how many hours are spent per day (and per task) and when they start/stopped their work.
Automated timesheets including overtime calculations and deductions allow you to simplify your payroll calculation to one press of a button!

Detailed Reports for Client Billing & Invoicing
Aside to Payroll calculations you'll have direct insights into billable hours as well. Run detail reports for your invoicing or simply review your team's project productivity

Powerful Alerts & Statistics on your team's behaviour
Receive daily or weekly updates on your team's behaviour. What did they work on yesterday? Or how many hours where spent on overtime last week? You'll get it all in your inbox.
Run detailed personal statistics for productivity & performance reviews.

Save Time With The Jibble Bot!
If you're using Slack or Microsoft teams then your life just got easier! The Jibble bot allows your team to simply clock in/out with 1 simple command. No more disruption of their workflow

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