Kevin W.

    Phishing protection

    "Identifying phishing can be very tricky. Iron scales helped us greatly in this area. Detecting spoofs was also a bonus. The phishing text campaigns really keep my staff on their toes."

    Mark S.

    One of the best decisions i have made, IronsScales fully delivered and more.

    "All the modules. I love Themsis and i love the remediation side of things which has freed up valuable time in Service Desk function."

    adam d.

    Ironscales is a great product thats getting better all the time. Really simple to setup.

    "Really good customer onboarding process."

    Executive Sponsor in Farming

    Highly effective BEC / Phishing Attacks protection & Awareness

    "Quick deployment without changes to MX records, SPF,DKIM or DMARK. Granular licensing, we can decide which mailboxes need to protect. Effective against known phishing attacks by community and Themis End users can report any suspicion of a phishing attack by email also avoid BEC attacks/ impersonation attempts by getting alerts banners of suspect emails. A very effective threat assessment by..."

    April K.

    Been a customer for 3 years

    "This has not only saved my company from many Phishing attempts but has also served to educate the users as well."

    Administrator in Media Production

    Ironscales is straigforward to setup and use

    "It was very easy to set up. It was configured in about 1 hour. It is easy to navigate and use. I am able to see multiple domains in a single pane."

    User in Banking

    Highly effective product with great customer service

    "IronScales does pretty much what is states, prevents Phishing emails. It is by far better than any other product that I have worked with. Other known well established vendors which I can not mention can detects and quarantine approx. 25% in comparison to IronScales 99%. This product really works and it saves countless amount of hours which would other ways need to be supplemented by other..."

    Administrator in Financial Services

    Advanced phishing protection, user reporting, and user testing all in one package

    "IronScales provides great visibility of your email environment. Suspicious emails are detected via various sources (including the IronScales community), and the ones that still get through can be easily reported by your users with the Report Phishing button (Outlook). Identified threats are immediately quarantined from every mailbox in your organization. You can customize the tool to fit your..."

    Joshua K.

    Phishing protection at scale done right

    "How simple it is to use and get our end users to adapt and use. We use Outlook mobile and the Outlook web plugin and so they are able to submit for rapid evaluation emails they question, no long wait on IT for tickets or risks missing important emails due to delays and holds. Also, the fact that it is not another in path email system means we were able to integrate it without issues."

    Executive Sponsor in Telecommunications

    Ironscales protects organization from any and all types of phishing attacks

    "The mitigation automation process while using the crowd wisdom power and self-learning email security capabilities"