Integrated Reporting is Simple (IRIS CRM) is a premier sales automation software company servicing clients in the payments industry.

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What is IRIS CRM?

IRIS is an acronym for “Integrated Reporting is Simple,” because at IRIS CRM, building easy-to-use software is our guiding principle. Do not let the rest of the name fool you, we are so much more than your average CRM!

IRIS CRM is a premier cloud-based business management system servicing clients in the payment processing industry. IRIS CRM was created as an ERP for agents, ISOs, and banks looking to consolidate their day-to-day operations into a single tool. IRIS CRM features include residual income calculations, merchant onboarding, lead and account lifecycle tracking, integrated Outlook and Google and a transaction reporting dashboard for a growing list of compatible processing networks.

Thanks to more than forty integrations, IRIS CRM also offers robust & processor-independent reporting in formats conducive to higher productivity and growth. With an all-in-one, merchant services CRM platform, your team will be able to handle every essential function of their job through one system.

Our clients do not install IRIS CRM, but instead, access it through a white label and secure platform that is built and hosted by IRIS CRM, as a certified PCI Level 1 Compliant Service Provider.

Please visit IRIS CRM at to learn more.

IRIS CRM Details Provided by: Dimitri A.

IRIS CRM Details Provided by: Dimitri Akhrin

President at IRIS CRM | Merchant Services CRM | Boarding. Transactions. Residuals. Simple.
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