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Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
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Review source: Invitation from the seller
What do you like best?

First off, the team is great and extremely helpful, communicative, available, and frankly, cool. The customer service level they provide in setting up and maintaining the Intello infrastructure in your environment is a step above. They are incredibly responsive to bug fixes and prioritization of deal-breaking or pain points related to product and ask smart, diligent questions to make sure that the right solution is created based on the problem to be solved, not just the ask.

It is integration heavy and works well with most startup (and larger) environments, particularly centered around “core portfolio” services—IDP (Google, Okta, OneLogin), a spend platform (Xero, Expensify, Netsuite), and daily use tools (Zoom, Dropbox, etc.). Because it creates ample cross-checking, the likelihood of a service in use slipping through the cracks goes way down.

The product itself is also incredibly customizable and serves well for cross-functional use between IT, Compliance, DevOps, Finance, and in some cases, HR. Because teams can create fields applicable to their specific logging needs (and also log usage by team and department), it can serve as a reliable source of truth for all. Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

Intello is still growing, and there are aspects of the product that still reflect that. It does not (yet) have tiered permissioning and access levels, could use a UI refresh, and needs a more robust syncing mechanism when tying teams and departments to existing Okta groups for automation. Review collected by and hosted on

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Intello has committed to build a product that is IT-focused, but has done a stellar job of building a product that is multi-functional for a wider audience. When considering the IT community, they shine at creating spaces for us to meet and collaborate, understand our philosophies, and connect like-minded professionals. They really stand behind the work they do and make a concerted effort that it represents the decision-makers they want engaging (and know have to in a corporate environment) and utilizing this product. Review collected by and hosted on

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Intello is a fantastic tool for discovery when you have no collective source to start with. It provides a catalogue almost immediately that can be evaluated and maintained with easy access to remediation and access rescinding when the tool is no longer in use.

It is easy to use, making the spin-up time minimal and the cross-team collaboration more accessible (our partner teams were in there logging their own data almost immediately).

This was an exceptional addition during our compliance reviews (particularly SOC2) where before we had no source of truth around our tools and their compliance requirements. It was both a deliverable list with context, but also a quick location of reference and action when preparing for audit or responding to audit requirements.

We also found that it served as an active track of spend, which was a surprisingly beneficial way of beginning to create an argument for tool retention and expansion or retirement. Furthermore, we could see if people were signing up for trials in an unapproved method (from spend spikes) and point them to our contract and/or provide an appropriate hand slap. It’s a useful portfolio when building metrics around contract renewals (and a location to keep your contracts) and assessing the right number of users/seats to price. Review collected by and hosted on

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Response from Kelsie Skinner of Intello

Thank you for the thoughtful review Erin! We're so glad you're finding value in the platform and from the team. It's imperative that we understand your goals and challenges to continue to shape our product around solving them. We've also heard your feedback - UI tweaks are being released weekly, team syncing with Okta is improving, and tiered permissioning is underway!

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