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Gantt Charts made easy. Manage your schedules, tasks, timelines, and workload like a Pro. Instagantt is a powerful and intuitive Gantt chart tool to enable teams to plan, manage and visualize their projects easily. Features: Drag & Drop Setting dates, changing lengths, or creating dependencies, everything works with a simple drag & drop Powerful Scheduling Milestones, dependencies, start & due dates will let you build your perfect timeline Tasks & Subtasks Instagantt has full-featured and native support for sections, tasks and subtasks. They are all shown in a tree structure to easily organize and plan your work Track Progress Set, change and measure progress (%) for each task on your project Workload Management It has never been easier to balance your team's workload. This view is designed to easily detect critical periods of time where your teammates are overloaded. Each member has his own row, with all their tasks displayed horizontally on the chart. Change Tracking: Baselines Baselines are the best way to track schedule changes and delays. You can create as many baselines as you want (chart captures), and load them on top of your chart at any time in the future.

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"Instagantt, a fundamental tool to project your activities."

What do you like best?

Its easy use complements the integrity of each action you can perform within this platform, you can access, create and organize your projects, add activities and share them with your work group, establishing any additional assignment. It is surprising that this application can be linked to others to improve its performance and reinforce each action it contains.

What do you dislike?

Instagantt contains what we have been placing in a long time and we keep working in conjunction with other similar applications, however, this has had certain failures to have it integrated into some mobile devices.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Instagantt will give you that freshness to keep track of your activities as well as your tasks, all projects will be well oriented with this application, your organization will have the best channels to perform an appropriate management. I recommend it.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

The similarity of instagantt to other applications that we have previously used has been elementary to have a constant and easy follow-up with this product. Has significantly reinforced each level of communication of the company to carry out each assigned activity this has brought many benefits to get ahead in every project that we have raised within the company.

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Instagantt Features

  • Task Creation and Assignment
  • Due Dates
  • Task Prioritization
  • To-Do Lists
  • Collaborative Project Planning
  • Gantt Chart / Project Map

Instagantt User Ratings

Ease of Use
Average: 8.6*
Quality of Support
Average: 8.6*
Ease of Setup
Average: 8.4*
* Project Management Category
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