Inkling is the learning enablement platform designed for the frontline. Bring learning and doing together to modernize the learner experience and improve engagement, development, and retention. Efficiently onboard employees, ensure continued performance enablement and successfully execute corporate initiatives while gaining actionable insights into frontline execution.

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Inkling Details Provided by: Sarah S.

Inkling Details Provided by: Sarah Squires

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About Inkling

Inkling is designed for the modern, mobile employee. Interactive and intuitive training not only better engages employees, it also improves learner time to retention and expedites the onboarding process of new talent. Inkling continuously empowers the employee throughout their career cycle with an easily searchable reference library that helps employees at the moment-of-need. Content is easy to create and maintain, ensuring employees are always accessing the single source of truth at anytime, anywhere they need it.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

The LMS has been carrying an unreasonable burden in the employee learning ecosystem. The LMS is a system built for managing learning - such as, managing compliance and certification - but today is often made more complex than what is needed to solve the training needs of the frontline. Inkling recognizes the need for shifting the mindset of employee training - from just learning management to performance enablement. Inkling provides enterprise scale while bringing together learning and doing for the modern, mobile employee.

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