User in Financial Services

    CISSP Exam Virtual Prep Course

    "Although I attended the boot camp virtually, the instructor was very inclusive with the virtual students. There was a lot of material to cover, but the instructor really focused on the main concepts for the exam. I was lucky enough to pass the CISSP on my first try."

    Cody B.
    Cody B.
    Managing Principal for Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps at RBA | Board Member at Minnesota 365 User Group | CISSP

    Incredible CISSP Learning Path

    "The CISSP Learning Path offered by Infosec Institute's Infosec Flex program is second-to-none. They provide an ample amount of pre-course work to get you ready. The training course I engaged in for my CISSP was remote and led by an extremely seasoned and talented instructor. This instructor was able to thoroughly cover all of the necessary topics in each CISSP domain, and relate real-world..."

    Brandon S.
    Senior Network Administrator

    Passed CISSP first attempt!

    "My instructor Robert was straight to the point in what material I needed to know for the exam. His guidance was crucial to my success. I would highly recommend this course from INFOSEC. They offer the ability for you to resit a course if you aren't happy with the instructor. You can also qualify for a retake voucher if you complete all of the required material."

    User in Automotive

    Helped me achieve my CISSP goal

    "The course is precise, targeted and well formatted. It is the kind of the course that any CISSP aspirant must have on the checklist. The online course complements greatly with the instructor led infosec coursework. Completing the online course before the instructor led course in my view is a very useful step. The Flex course provides a great introduction to all the key concepts, breakdown huge..."

    User in Defense & Space

    Awesome Boot Camp!

    "Liked the digital format/delivery of the documentation and the prep work that InfoSec gave you prior to starting the Boot Camp. This was helpful because the pace of the boot camp was intense and you really had to keep up. Also , the instructor we had was very knowledgeable about the Security + material and had many years of Infosec working experience. Although I have many years of information..."

    Brad H.
    Brad H.
    Security & Infrastructure Manager, CISSP, CISM

    Incredible courses and instructors

    "I've completed the CISSP and CISM courses with InfoSec Flex. The courses were very informative to prepare you for the certification exams and further your knowledge in Security. The instructors presented the information in a way that you understood the concepts and they provided real-world examples based on their experience. Each of my instructors interacted with each remote student and kept..."