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Infer delivers a predictive-first platform that helps companies win more customers. It leverages proven data science to rapidly model the untapped data sitting in enterprises, along with thousands of signals from the web.

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See how companies are using predictive to separate themselves from the competition. When you turn predictive on there is an instant change in behavior across all of your reps. All of a sudden your effort is almost perfectly aligned with the revenue opportunity. You can shift all the dead weight into more productive endeavors. Maybe you double down on your top performing leads or maybe marketing is able to use the Infer Score to find new sources of profitable leads.

Infer Details Provided by: Danielle R.

Infer Details Provided by: Danielle Ricci

Vice President, Demand Generation
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About Infer

Infer’s predictive lead scoring platform leverages the power of predictive analytics and big data to help you identify who your perfect buyers are, understand their purchasing behavior and stop wasting time on leads that will never convert.

Our platform will give you a 360° view of your customer and their buying journey. With nothing more than an email address, Infer collects thousands of demographic, firmographic and technographic data points.

We then use machine learning to build state-of-the-art predictive models based upon these signals that will help you learn how to:
- Deliver more pipeline
- Align your sales and marketing efforts
- Empower your sales reps to have better informed conversations
- Prevent great potential customers from getting lost in the funnel
- Stop wasting time on the dead weight in your pipeline

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Infer provides lead scoring that actually works. Unlike traditional lead scoring, nothing with Infer is done manually. Instead of relying on best guesses and hunches, Infer uses the most advanced predictive intelligence and machine learning algorithms available to deliver lead scoring that is statistically proven to be accurate. You’ll know instantly which leads are most likely to convert.

Infer gets results quickly. Marketing can surface good leads that are getting missed or stuck in nurture. See what campaigns are working and make real-time adjustments. For sales, give them the data they need to have better sales conversations, focus only on the best leads and stop wasting time on dead-end leads that won’t convert.

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