<span>Terry W.</span>
    Terry W.
    Founder of Sum Digital (agency)

    Improvado Is A Godsend

    "The platform makes it easy to set up reporting from multiple sources just the way you want it, do you don't have to worry about it and you can get on with all the other work you have to do!"

    <span>Brandon T.</span>
    Brandon T.
    Head of Product at PenPath

    The most extensive marketing ETL tool

    "Improvado has the most expansive list of connections of any marketing ETL tool I've reviewed. In addition to what the tool already brings in, you can also work with their team to bring in additional or custom connections, as well as any specific dimensions and measures you might need."

    <span>Alex C.</span>
    Alex C.
    CEO at PenPath - A Marketing Intelligence Agency

    We love working with Improvado

    "Their ability to get us the data we need. Simply put, we need to have a lot of flexibility in this industry. "

    <span>Marc C.</span>
    Marc C.

    Eliminated 90% of manual reporting hours per week

    "The ability to easily access data from multiple data sources and lay the data our quickly and easily for both internal teams and clients."

    <span>Peter S.</span>
    Peter S.
    Paid Digital Advertising

    Digital Marketing Lifesaver

    "My team used to spend a lot of time manually downloading and cleaning publisher data for client reporting. Improvado has all but eliminated our time doing that, which has enabled us to spend more time on analyzing performance and making critical optimizations. We are also providing reliable client-facing reports on a more consistent basis now. The Improvado support team has been really..."

    <span>Cameron S.</span>
    Cameron S.
    Director Of Digital Media at Jekyll and Hyde Advertising and Marketing

    Extremely Easy and Powerful Reporting

    "The numerous API connections the tool offers makes it quick and easy to import data from multiple publishers at once, while still staying completely accurate. The fact that we can generate a live link to share with the client is extremely useful as well; it's a resource that they can refer back to at any time, adjusting the date range as they please. It is a huge time-saver and presents the..."

    <span>Austin W.</span>
    Austin W.
    Google, Bing, & Facebook Advertising Expert | Founder at ModernPPC

    Amazing services!

    "I liked how fast they finished projects and how well they communicated the status of those projects."

    <span>Ardalan S.</span>
    Ardalan S.

    A very intuitive and flexible platform

    "The ability to aggregate data and manipulate as needed. Using the SQL integration was one of my favorites as we can integrate the data into other client reporting platforms such as Data Studio. "

    <span>Brian C.</span>
    Brian C.

    Improvado helps us save huge amounts of time and standardizes our reporting

    "The use of Improvado has enabled us to scale our reporting quickly and to deliver dozens of multi-page, multi-channel reports each month within just a few days. The improvado support team is attentive, patient, and focused on our priorities."

    <span>Lee B.</span>
    Lee B.
    VP Strategy: National Strategy Lead at Strike Social

    Eager to work with you

    "Flexibility of their team/ customization"