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IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform

IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform

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IgnitionOne’s Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP) enables marketers to identify and engage their most valuable customers in real-time to power true omnichannel personalization. The IgnitionOne CIP provides real-time, actionable insights for smarter marketing decisions and omnichannel engagement to maximize overall results.

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What is IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform?

IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence enables marketers to identify, value, and engage their customers at scale.

IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence provides a single platform to leverage customer data from a range of systems to power effective omnichannel targeting and personalization.

IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence accumulates data from systems such as the marketer’s website, CRM, point-of-sale, mobile devices, and more -- in real-time -- to enable a true understanding of each individual customer’s real-time interests. IgnitionOne combines these robust, up-to-the-minute customer profiles with advanced machine-learning capabilities to target and engage customers with coordinated, relevant, contextually-aware messaging through online advertising such search, display, social, and metasearch; on your brand’s website; and through digital out-of-home advertising and advanced television.

IgnitionOne provides Customer Intelligence for hundreds of leading brands in the travel & hospitality, retail and auto manufacturing sectors -- including leading brands such as Wyndham Worldwide, General Motors, Lowe’s, and many more.

IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform Details Provided by: Noam R.

IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform Details Provided by: Noam Rubinstein

Senior Director, Product Marketing - IgnitionOne
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About IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

The only platform for true, real-time customer intelligence

Easily Connects your existing data sources and channels, without the need for additional IT resources

Available managed services means no additional expertise needed

Accumulate customer data across your systems (including your website, CRM, point-of-sale, email, mobile, and more) and overlay other contextual signals (such as weather or engagement history) in real-time

Determine each individual customer’s levels of engagement, real-time interests and likelihood to convert – and use it for robust omnichannel targeting & personalization

Get enhanced identity resolution that recognizes and engages individual customers across channels including display, search, social, metasearch, and your own website.

Get on-demand measurement and insights on any internet connected device

Competitive pricing

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