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Hyphen provides actionable people insights based on critical employee life-cycle surveys, pulse polls and bottom up, crowd-sourced employee conversations with on-demand anonymity. With smart data visualizations, prioritized action planning, and people prediction abilities; Hyphen boosts productivity, engagement and retention enabling a stronger employee experience.

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Hero MotoCorp is the world's largest 2 wheeler manufacturer with over 8000+ employees, presence in 35 countries, having sold over 75 million automobiles.

Take a peek into, how Hero MotoCorp is changing the way their employees work and live on a daily basis, using Hyphen!

PS: The latter videos will give you more insights on the Hyphen platform. See for yourself!

Hyphen Details Provided by: Soumil K.

Hyphen Details Provided by: Soumil Kar

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About Hyphen

Hyphen is a mobile-first Employee Listening and Engagement solution that helps companies continuously listen to their people and act on critical feedback and issues faster than with any other solution.

With Hyphen, you will collect quantitative *and* qualitative people opinions and feedback easily, in real-time and at scale using a combination Employee Lifecycle Surveys, dipstick Pulse Polls, and our proprietary Employee Voice module - allowing for anonymous crowd-sourced employee conversations.

With this goldmine of data, management, leadership and HR is empowered with powerful alerts, reports and analytics (heatmaps, trends, alerts, sentiment analysis, benchmarks etc.) to proactively identify the hotspots in the organization, thus enabling earlier action planning.

Often coined "internal Glassdoor", Hyphen is the most complete employee listening solution for organizations to identify and solve issues before it is too late, thus increasing employee engagement, productivity, retention, and boosting the workplace culture.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Most solutions in this space follow the traditional top-down approach of gathering employee feedback once a year, which has become outdated with the need of something more real-time being demanded by employees and managers alike.

In this new paradigm, the war for talented people has gotten fierce and companies are realizing that they need to tackle this head-on by combining the traditional top-down feedback approach, with a new bottom-up listening channel through meaningful conversations.

We are:
- a more complete combination of listening tools
- better at real-time
- better at mobile
- better at reaching deskless employees
- better at text analysis and combining it with other statistical analyses
- faster / easier to implement

And this why Hyphen is helping companies like Dollar Shave Club, InMobi, Safariland, Michelin, Hero MotoCorp, Epsilon, Titan and more to create a compelling employee experience and accelerate the real-time feedback into action!

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