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Pros and Cons of HubSpot Email

HubSpot's email marketing capabilities are consistently mentioned in user reviews, and can help users reach thousands of customers. Check out what users said below.


HubSpot review by Jennifer R G.
A great CRM and marketing software
By Jennifer R G. on Nov 28, 2016
Growing Retail, Non-Profit & Online Businesses via Electronic Payment & Marketing Programs to Skyrocket Your Revenues

I love the fact that the HubSpot CRM has the ability to track emails - opens, clicks, and so much more. There CRM platform is easy, integrates with many third-party apps and software programs and is able to scale as a business grows. I also like the many certifications that HubSpot offers such as inbound marketing, email marketing and more. Read more >

HubSpot review by Jason M.
Hubspot Consolidates All Your Marketing Tools Into One Place & Their Support Is Great!
By Jason M. on Apr 14, 2016
​Growing Digital Small Business Income, Teams, & Owners

Hubspot is a great marketing resources because it consolidates numerous other companies under one umbrella. Their email automation workflows can save tremendous amount of time and money with followup and customer communication. Read more >

HubSpot review by Ashlee T.
Fantastic tool for so many digital marketing efforts!
By Ashlee T. on Apr 15, 2016
Digital Marketer | PPC | SMM | CRO | Lead Generation | HubSpot | Analytics

I love HubSpot! I love the ability to set up automated workflows so that I don't have to worry about setting up a million follow-up tasks. I can simply import contacts with a few clicks and all the correct emails go out to our leads and customers. I also love the email and landing page capabilities. There are so many templates available, so it's easy to try out new designs. The drag and drop modules make it so easy to customize the email or landing page to how you want and need it to look and... Read more >


HubSpot review by Marilyn M.
Off to a Great Start with HubSpot
By Marilyn M. on Feb 05, 2016
Senior Director Brand Marketing at List Partners LLC

1) This is more of a warning than a dislike, but there is A LOT OF STUFF IN THERE, and as a newby that is a double edged sword! Just know that when you first start it can be as daunting/overwhelming as it is exciting, though they have many support options to help. 2) Not a huge deal, but I would like to be able to pull better reports for sent emails. I can SEE the analytics in HubSpot, but I cannot export into an excel or csv file so I have to manually copy/paste. I'd like to be able to... Read more >

HubSpot review by Eric F.
Better Than Marketo
By Eric F. on Feb 23, 2016
Digital Marketing Manager, Partner at Red Branch Media

I dislike that Hubspot puts extra code in emails. For instance, when I am uploading a logo it adds a code to shrink it so the image looks blurry. We have found ways around this, but it's a very annoying feature. Read more >

HubSpot review by Sasha P.
Revolutionary for your business
By Sasha P. on Mar 28, 2017
Inbound Marketing Assistant

I really don't have any complaints of the software. It works great for us but there are some very small problems that we have the the email section but nothing that actually hinders our business negatively. Read more >