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Reviewers discuss a wide variety of HubSpot's inbound marketing features, including the good and bad of its impact on SEO. Check out what users said below.


HubSpot review by Meghan C.
Hubspot will quickly become your favorite software ever.
By Meghan C. on Mar 25, 2016
Community Specialist at Teachstone

Email management - We can create lists, design emails, create email templates, watch click rates in live time, clone commonly used emails. Page design - We design landing pages and thank you pages with offers and then can pull some data about how well those pages perform. Social media - I plan out all our social media posts each week and schedule them out on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and G+. I can also see how much traffic is coming from those sites and Pinterest, Wikipedia, and... Read more >

HubSpot review by Megan W.
Straight forward, easy to use, up to date - HubSpot is hard to beat!
By Megan W. on May 27, 2015
Marketing Manager for Leading Global Software Group - Bond International Software

We are able to track our social media activity all in one place which is extremely beneficial. The blogging platform we used previously wasn't all that great, so HubSpot provides us with a tool that is professional and efficient. The SEO suggestions are good, not always right, but certainly help to point people in the right direction and make sure they are considering SEO when it comes to our content. Read more >

HubSpot review by Molly B.
Extremely pleased with HubSpot for years
By Molly B. on Jun 07, 2016
Inbound Marketing Manager at SPROUT Content, Inbound Marketing Agency

I am helping clients carry out their inbound marketing strategy through Hubspot. Major benefits I have seen is an increase in website visitors and leads through the optimized content we publish and monitor through HubSpot. The software allows us to constantly track what is and what is not working, and the SEO aspects help me become much more clear on recommendations and initiatives for clients. Read more >


HubSpot review by Alicia B.
Hubspot For the Win!
By Alicia B. on Feb 20, 2018
Marketing Specialist at Emtrain

Their integration with Salesforce isn't the best. Especially if you run a really complex CRM with custom fields to track campaigns and activate leads (our own personal process). I kept having so many issues with this and Hubspot wasn't the best at resolving it. They pretty much just told me to clear up my errors without much training on how exactly to do that. Read more >

HubSpot review by Steven V.
It's the complete and (almost) perfect companion for your digital marketing
By Steven V. on Mar 31, 2016
Inbound Marketing Manager & Digital Strategist at Mia

Multi-language is not always done right. We are based in a tri-lingual market, which makes the SEO-reporting and technical setup of multilingual sites rather difficult. There's a workaround for everything, but it could be done out of the box. Read more >

HubSpot review by Kevin D.
HubSpot Rocks! The best all-in one digital marketing platfom
By Kevin D. on May 13, 2015
President of ManoByte, HubSpot User Group Leader, Inbound Marketing Consultant

One thing that I do not like about the platform is the social media in a Grecian features for publishing. I wish that it had the ability to automate publishing from an RSS feed. Building websites on HubSpot is great, however, I wish that the site pages had the same SEO view her as the blog post editor. Read more >