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Reviewers utilize HubSpot as an all-in-one platform for inbound marketing tasks. It has a generally low learning curve for basic features, according to users, but its depth increases with user experience. Check out what users said below.


HubSpot review by Sarah H.
A powerful all-in-one tool for my marketing team
By Sarah H. on Jul 27, 2016
Marketing Manager at Spillman Technologies

We've been using HubSpot for one year, but it's our 2nd automation platform in 4 years. I am a big fan. We used Scribe Online to integrate it with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and we're loving the in-house ability to manipulate that integration. It also has superior landing page and email builders compared to our previous tool, and I'm a big fan of the reporting capabilities (we're on the Enterprise platform). There's also a great online Academy to help with onboarding and ongoing training, and... Read more >

HubSpot review by Ashlee T.
Fantastic tool for so many digital marketing efforts!
By Ashlee T. on Apr 15, 2016
Digital Marketer | PPC | SMM | CRO | Lead Generation | HubSpot | Analytics

I love HubSpot! I love the ability to set up automated workflows so that I don't have to worry about setting up a million follow-up tasks. I can simply import contacts with a few clicks and all the correct emails go out to our leads and customers. I also love the email and landing page capabilities. There are so many templates available, so it's easy to try out new designs. The drag and drop modules make it so easy to customize the email or landing page to how you want and need it to look and... Read more >

HubSpot review by Cheryl C.
Easy to use
By Cheryl C. on May 18, 2016
Digital Marketing Manager at Provenir

I enjoy how easy the tool is to use. It takes seconds to build forms unlike other tools like Eloqua and Liveball , which are much more time consuming. Landing pages don't require any coding experience at all making them very easy to build. Read more >

HubSpot review by Jillian K.
Great Marketing Automation
By Jillian K. on Aug 23, 2016
Marketing Analyst at nChannel Incorporated

Hubspot provides a great interface that makes lead management and marketing automation easier for our small marketing team. From one place, we create landing pages, forms, email workflows, and reports. Learning to use Hubspot was easy and simple. Support has been great when we needed it. I became Inbound certified after using Hubspot. Training programs were great and helped better understand the best way to utilize their platform. Read more >


HubSpot review by Anonymous
Easy to use and Great Customer Service
By Anonymous on Jan 18, 2017

The email templates are pretty basic and not friendly for all mail servers. We've had issues with emails getting sent to spam and high bounce rates and we didn't really get a solution other than it was a problem on the receiving end. The options for list segmentation are pretty extensive but with Mail Chimp it felt much more user friendly. You could edit right from the email view and pick based on past emails. With HubSpot you have to create a new list every time. The templates for... Read more >

HubSpot review by Irina J.
It's been a consistently great experience!
By Irina J. on Jul 31, 2015
Inbound Marketing and Social Media Strategist | Entrepreneur | TEDx Speaker | Contributor to The Huffington Post

HubSpot needs to make a spell-checking feature more intuitive. Right now you have to be extra careful proofreading your drafts of blog posts and landing pages as spelling errors creep in and are not red-flagged. Aside form this minor gripe, I think HubSpot provides a seamless user experience. Read more >

HubSpot review by Cvetilena G.
Marketing Automation with Hubspot
By Cvetilena G. on Oct 27, 2015
Product Marketing Manager

It is not really possible to generate unique, behavior based, nurture flows. Also in depth customization of emails and landing pages is not always as easy as expected. While it is possible to change almost all the elements, usage of the knowledge base and some hardcore HTML/JS/CSS skills are required (this is only a problem for tech savvy marketers that love to fiddle around with templates and pixels). Read more >

HubSpot review by Dean A.
By Dean A. on Aug 05, 2016
Copywriter, MBS Textbook Exchange

The UI gets clunky in some places, and minor changes that probably weren't necessary are fairly frequent. It's not uncommon when editing an email or landing page for the tool bar to block a section of my email I am trying to click on to edit because the responsive design put the tool bar in the way. There are also times when features can be found in one place but a week later and without warning they move somewhere else ÿ often with more clicks involved — which makes the UI frustrating at times. Read more >