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HubSpot Analytics

In addition to basic marketing tasks, marketing software can benefit users with intelligence and reports on the various outcomes. HubSpot offers certain analytics features that a number of reviewers mentioned in their feedback on G2 Crowd. Check out what users said below.


HubSpot review by Carrie D.
The Best All-In-One Tool for Inbound Marketing
By Carrie D. on Feb 27, 2015
Content Manager. Marketing Strategist. Writer.

From a content management standpoint, everything fits together seamlessly. Additionally, closed loop analytics make it easy to demonstrate, and prove, the benefits of the inbound methodology to our current and prospective clients. Read more >

HubSpot review by Hannah C.
Still one of my favourite tools.
By Hannah C. on May 28, 2016
Content Marketer, Storyteller, and Video Enthusiast!

I was a very big fan of the analytics this tool offers. The amount of data they can gather and aspects of clients interactions on your site they can measure is amazing. I was also very impressed with their customer service team who were always very helpful and quick with getting back to me with any type of questions/issues I may have had. Read more >

HubSpot review by Patrick E.
HubSpot Review
By Patrick E. on Sep 21, 2016
Marketing Technology Manager at Direct Development, Inc.

I like how consolidated the data is and how easy it is to streamline analytics and actions Read more >

HubSpot review by Bulut S.
Ultimate Inbound Marketing Platform
By Bulut S. on Jun 16, 2014
eCommerce Usability and Strategy Consultant

- The complete set of functions, tools and processes to drive qualified traffic all in one package. - Top notch support from a very experienced staff, both for technical issues and marketing startegy - Integration flexibility to virtually all major CRM and eCommerce platforms - Complete and automated analytics already setup and works like magic to measure all the significant KPIs that you should be tracking - Unparalled resources, whitepapers, webinars and 1-on-1 consulting options to... Read more >


HubSpot review by Zi W.
Smooth and streamlined connections. Intuitive and easy to use.
By Zi W. on Jan 19, 2017
Chinese digital economy | Ecommerce | Digital Marketing | Project Management

Analytics can be better integrated and reported on a customizable time basis. Read more >

HubSpot review by Spencer R.
The Best Integrated Online Marketing Solution for Inbound Teams
By Spencer R. on Jul 23, 2015
Head of Growth and User Acquisition at ZoomShift

I wish there was a little more customization when it comes to setting up users and user permissions. A little more granule options would be nice there. I also would like to see more in depth analytics when it comes to user stories and traffic paths/flow. I would also like the ability to generate complete picture graphs based on personas who have became leads or customers etc.. It would be cool if they could integrate sales data related to deals closed and won to the sources reports to show... Read more >

HubSpot review by Layne A.
It's changed the way we do marketing.
By Layne A. on Dec 14, 2016
Marketing Project Manager Lead at Hudl

The reporting and analytics could improve some. It's nice to have baselines, and it's fairly generic, but we've had to combine with other tools to make sure we're getting all the analytics we need to make smarter decisions. Read more >