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Harmony is designed as an intelligent contract system. Built around the specific contract terms each interaction touches

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What is Harmony PSA?

Not all PSA software is built the same

At its heart, Harmony is designed as an intelligent contract system. Built around the specific contract terms each interaction touches. The result? A professional services automation solution that understands the revenue and costs associated with each and every action. This means your business runs more smoothly - and analysis of your business performance is automatic and always available. In real-time.

Unrivalled flexibility you can manage

Harmony is built with deep and unlimited configurability you can manage for yourself.
From process-driven Kanban boards you can build yourself, to a powerful date/time or event-driven system-wide notification rules engine; Harmony is a system where you can model and support your business processes quickly and easily.

Maintenance free, enterprise-wide data

Crucially, Harmony owns and holds ALL of your master data centrally.
Update it once and it's available for a wide variety of tasks across your business functions. And not only is all the data you need housed in one place; maintenance on it is automatically managed by Harmony’s normal business process flows.
So you do the work - Harmony keeps the score.

Run a multi-national, multi-currency business with ease

Harmony is multi-currency, multi-legal entity, multi-lingual (currently English, German and Spanish are supported), multi-brand, multi-tax jurisdiction, multi-culture and multi-time zone. All these options co-exist in a single Harmony instance, so no matter how your business grows or evolves over time, you will not need to change your PSA solution.

See more at: https://www.harmonypsa.com/
Product Page: https://www.harmonypsa.com/product/

Request Demo: https://www.harmonypsa.com/lp/request-demo

Harmony PSA Details Provided by: Felix E.

Harmony PSA Details Provided by: Felix Ekman

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