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HALO Recognition

HALO Recognition


HALO Recognition delivers employee recognition, rewards, and incentive programs designed to drive engagement and deliver positive business outcomes.

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What is HALO Recognition?

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HALO Recognition’s achievement solutions give you the power to celebrate your people in a real and personal way.

HALO Recognition Details Provided by: Cord H.

HALO Recognition Details Provided by: Cord Himelstein

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About HALO Recognition

With research firms like Gallup reporting that only 32% of workers are engaged, HALO Recognition helps organizations of all sizes worldwide deliver scalable recognition and incentive programs that put their workforces above the norm. Relying on a near 50-year history of service in the industry, our comprehensive programs put people first and are tailored to your needs to create meaningful, sustainable engagement that drives productivity, inspiration, and loyalty to the next level. With a passion and enthusiasm for personal service HALO Recognition celebrates your success, one memorable experience at a time.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Many of our competitors offer recognition software and apps as an end-all solution, but really they are just tools that help reach those solutions. Successful recognition and engagement only occurs when there is a real human connection between employer and employee, something that software alone will never be fully equipped to manage. We bring energetic personal service and comprehensive strategy that goes far beyond software.

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