Gmelius is a software that allows user to improve Gmail /Gsuite inbox by adding new functionalities to boost productivity, protect privacy, collaborate with others and customize inbox.

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What is Gmelius?

Gmelius is a new type of CRM: lightweight, collaborative and seamlessly integrated into your main communication hub, your inbox. Designed from the start to fit the modern workflow of SMEs, Gmelius offers an all-in-1 and consolidated solution that helps daily more than 150,000 professionals and teams to sell more productively, foster team collaboration, manage and build valuable customer relationships.

With a broad and interoperable set of features, Gmelius cover each and every stage of your customer relationship funnel.

Under Gmelius' plans you'll get:

Sales Automation: An advanced sales automation set of features which will ultimately empower your business growth.

- Gain insights and plan your communication cadence with features like email tracking, per-recipient and click/link tracking,
- Automate your email follow-ups and scale your funnel thanks to Gmelius’ Sequences,
- Personalize at scale and send drip campaigns from Gmail with Gmelius Campaigns,
- Sell more productively thanks to a collection of smart automation tools right at your fingertips, tools like Email scheduling, Smart Follow-ups.

Team Collaboration: An extensive set of collaboration tools that will allow you to collaborate with your team on client communication, model and automate business processes and ultimately foster team communication.

- Keep your funnel organized and streamlined thanks to Shared Gmelius Boards,
- Minimize internal emails, reply faster and avoid reply-all accidents with Shared Email Notes,
- Manage group emails like you would do from a helpdesk right from your inbox with Shared Inbox and Labels,
- Make the most of your high performing emails, keep your client communication consistent with shared Email Templates.

Plus: Gmelius ensures your inbox remains secure with Trackers Detection and Email Stamping - a unique Blockchain-powered architecture and offers innovative algorithms to protect your privacy.

Gmelius Details Provided by: Florian B.

Gmelius Details Provided by: Florian Bersier

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