Funifier empowers people to gamify everything everywhere without IT experts, a global gamification platform easy to use, friendly with immediate tested results.

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What is Funifier?

Funifier is a gamification company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, founded in 2012. The medium, privately-held company focuses on creating customizable gamification platforms that businesses can use to increase their employees’ engagement. With a host of custom options, Funifier is great for businesses who are looking for more than an out-of-the-box solution. The platform gives you access to API’s, allowing companies to connect Funifier with other applications that they use. Triggers and widgets built into the platform also allow companies to add the game mechanics to third-party applications such as email clients, Microsoft Office, social media networks, and HTML. Applications that employees interact with on a daily basis can be integrated into the platform with widgets, and can be added to challenges and given point values for completion.

Going beyond Point, Badges and Leaderboards, employees can also be engaged on the platform directly through the use of many of the 100 game techniques available within the Studio. Each user has an individual profile where they can track their progress on badges and challenges amongst others, as well as keep track of how many points they have accumulated through the various actions their perform on a daily basis. These profiles are also used on the leaderboards, where employees can see what other users are accomplishing, encouraging healthy competition. Challenges can be assigned to specific users, and can be rewarded with points or badges upon successful completion. Challenges can be assigned for any type of task, from something simple such as responding to an email, to more complex tasks with multiple steps and deliverables. One comprehensive administrator dashboard allows management to track and analyze the progress of each user. Funifier offers a complete platform for engaging employees, and with their API and social media integration, offer a solution that goes beyond most other simple workplace engagement tools.

Funifier Details Provided by: ★ Igor R.

Funifier Details Provided by: ★ Igor Radić ★

Left/Right brainer thinking operations strategist, Gamification evangelist, Technological Consultant
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