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Flocknote is a smarter way manage your church or ministry member database AND communicate with your people -- all with the same tool! Cut through the noise. Reach your people. Hear back. Flocknote helps you reach people where they're already at, in their inboxes and via text message. There’s nothing for your members to download, or pick up after church, and no need for them to ‘check-in-on’ anything to stay connected with you. By organizing your church into different groups and ministries on Flocknote, you can get the message to exactly who needs it, and to no one who doesn’t. Plus your members can reply directly to any email or text message you send, vote in polls, RSVP to events and more! Consider this the end of ignored announcements and the beginning of your new life as a church communications whiz kid, er, whiz adult. Flocknote has been a game changer for over 130,000 church leaders. Stop fussing with technology and start effectively managing and communicating with your church members.

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"Needs an upgrade"

What do you like best?

We are able to insert our own stories easily! Easy to upload contacts. Inserting polls is a great feature and lets our readers engage in articles and helps us get the feedback we need to improve!

What do you dislike?

Lacks customization options, open rates are not accurate, many glitches that need fixing. Not a pretty template when emailed out. Mobile view is a little wonky.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Limited color and style options available. Difficult to follow branding guidelines, colors are way to bright and difficult to read on a simple desktop.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We are able to reach our entire organization with a simple newsletter. Helps us inform colleagues in and outside of central office.

Response from Kaitlin Rawley of Flocknote

Hi Lauren, thanks for your feedback :)

We are hoping to expand our styling options in the future, for sure! I've shared your feedback with the team and we do realize more customization would be super helpful! Right now we've tried to keep the design options as simple as possible as the majority of our users are ministry leaders or volunteers within their church and they often have varying skill levels in design and computer use.

And we're so sorry to hear you are experiencing glitches with flocknote! We do our best to resolve issues asap when they are reported to us. We'd love to hear more about what is giving you trouble, especially the open rate problem you are seeing, and see if we can get it fixed for you :) Our open rates use the industry standard and should be as accurate as any other email marketing tool, so we're happy to investigate. My name is Kait, and you can email me at help@flocknote.com

Have a wonderful day!

God bless,

Kaitlin Rawley


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