Joshua C.

    Great Claims Management Software and Support

    "The system is extremely user friendly for my claims managers, adjusters, support staff and clients. The JW Software support staff are easy to reach and extremely knowledgeable. Any claims management system is only as good as the staff that supports it, and JW Software has always provided excellent support staff over the last 10 years we have been with them. The system is always on-line..."

    Sarah P.

    FileHandler is very user friendly.

    "You can easily move throughout the system. The staff is very helpful when there are problems."

    Administrator in Insurance

    I've now come to appreciate the complexities which initially were frustrating.

    "the depth of possibilities I have with the data collected"

    Administrator in Higher Education

    Great features coupled with excellent customer service

    "Software menu is intuitive. Pages are customizable to fit our institutions needs for multiple lines of business. Integrates seamlessly with our accounting and HR software. Customer service is responsive, knowledgeable and effective."

    Michael M.

    Satisfied client.

    "The client dashboard program. It has been very useful."

    Administrator in Staffing and Recruiting

    The system is very flexible for WC tracking needs as is the pricing.

    "Notes and document manager, home page data graphs."

    Enrique L.

    Great Software

    "Great software for claim administration and tracking of Workers’ Compensation cost."

    Jill J.
    Jill J.

    filehandler enterprise

    "Filehandler Enterprise is very easy to use, especially if you were on the legacy system."

    Scott S.

    Longtime User, Loving Enterprise

    "The Enterprise version represents a huge improvement in the uder interface and accessibility, ease of integrating with email and communicating outside of the system."

    Mike S.

    Great to work with and a great product

    "It's a one stop platform for handling claims across lines of business. The system is highly configurable out of the box and JW Software helps you build it to what you need. The ability to customize the system is there, but with the configurations available, you can accomplish your process without needing special development."

    Caitlin P.
    Caitlin P.

    Exceptional Support Team / Great User Interface

    "The software is one of the only fully customizable claims applications that I have used giving the DB Admin the ability to be able to create their own dashboards, reports, and user interface all while maintaining a relational database. The Support team is exceptional, they really work with the client to ensure they are getting what they need out of the product and always very responsive to any..."

    Administrator in Staffing and Recruiting

    FileHandler GREAT WC & HR System

    "I love seeing the cost associated with our WC cases for each of our injured employees. This section of the FH system makes my job so much easy. I used to struggle with the old system I used to use. I like how FH keeps track of the OSHA recordable days of each case. It generates letters to employees. It can keep all the correspondence I received from Drs., attorneys, physical therapy..."