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File helps automate the international IP filing process and delivers up to 6x efficiency gains. It is the first cloud-based application in the industry that enables world-wide filing collaboration with a single technology environment while still allowing the customer to utilize their existing, trusted network. The File App, delivered through The IP Platform, offers significant time-savings for law firms and corporations when it comes to managing their international patent filings. File provides real-time status updates and detailed progress tracking for each filing, reducing overall submission time. Through automated workflows and standardised processes, File reduces the complexity of international patent filings, removing the uncertainty and time commitment previously required to file foreign IP applications. By allowing IP professionals to continue using their most trusted agent network, current processes and relationships are not disrupted. Instead, they are optimized. Enhanced, efficient communication is the key to reducing the time-intensive tasks associated with international filings. File’s in-app instant messaging and secure, auditable correspondence and instructions dramatically improves the way customers and foreign agents communicate across the globe. The File App represents one of the comprehensive and scalable tools delivered through The IP Platform. While each tool provides exception individual benefits, the greatest value exists in the integration between them. This integrated approach provides IP professionals a new level of insight and collaboration, making it possible to address any IP challenges or answer any IP business questions.

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